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Ecover Cleaning Products

Ecover Cleaning Products


The Bottom Line

Ecover's dishwasher tablets combine the ability to be ecologically friendly with convenience. 25 pre-measured and individually wrapped tablets have the power to remove stains and stuck food without phosphates, chlorine, and other chemical residues. With an oxygen bleach included, the tablets can really clean tough tomato stains, and lift dirt from dishes. Ecover's rinse aid needs to be used as well to keep spots and smears from glasses.


  • Easy premeasured tablet to drop in dispenser or cutlery basket.
  • Contains no bleach or phosphates. Leaves no chemical residue on dishes.
  • One tablet cleans a load of moderately dirty dishes.
  • Includes an oxygen bleach.


  • Needs to be used in conjunction with Ecover's Rinse Aid to be superbly effective.


  • Srape dishes.
  • Remove the wrapper from the Ecover Dishwasher Tablets.
  • Place one tablet in dispenser or cutlery basket.
  • Run the machine and use Ecover Rinse Aid.

Guide Review - Ecover Dishwasher Tablets

Ecover's Dishwasher Tablets are easy. The side of the box has a pop out section that allows the tablets to be easily accessed. Open the individual tablet and pop it into the dishwasher, and your done. No measuring, pouring, or overusing involved. The tablet dissolved well, but the glasses showed the need for Ecover's rinse aid to be used as well. In addition to cleaning, Ecover Dishwasher Tablets use plant based ingredients, leaving no chemcials or residue on your dishes. Ecover includes no artificial fragrances, phosphates, or chlorine bleach. Ecover's cleaners biodegrade well and cause no problems for marine and river life.
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