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Playtex Great Lengths Disposable Gloves

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The Bottom Line

For those disgusting jobs around the house that need disposable cleaning tools, use Playtex Disposable Great Lengths gloves. The cuff is extra long, providing great protection. The fit is loose enough to be comfortable, yet, snug enough to give you perfect control over your hands. The gloves are powder and latex free and easy to remove. Although disposable gloves may not be necessary with every household chore, you'll be grateful to have them when the unthinkable and incredibly icky happens around your home.


  • Playtex Great Lengths have a super long cuff, keeping more of you clean for longer.
  • Made from latex-free nitrile, for more puncture resistance.
  • Comfortable fit for any size hand.


  • If you have children, all of your gloves may be stolen for various craft projects.


  • A package of Playtex Great Lengths Disposables comes with 30 gloves.
  • Playtex Great Lengths Disposables are made of nitrile, and are latex and powder free.
  • Suggested retail price: $3.39-$4.49.

Guide Review - Playtex Great Lengths Disposable Gloves

To me, wearing a pair of gloves while I clean saves me time. Without gloves on, I may be hesitant to touch areas that need to be cleaned, but when I'm wearing gloves...all bets are off, and I can clean with wild abandon.

My kids actually got to this package of gloves before I did. We planted a garden this weekend and their job was to remove icky weeds and wild onions. It was slow going until one of the kids decided to raid my stash of cleaning supplies in the hopes of finding something useful. Five minutes later, all five kids were outfitted in a pair of Playtex Great Lengths Disposable gloves, and they were pulling weeds with their own wild abandon.

My opportunity to test out the gloves came while cleaning in the bathroom. It's one of my least favorite areas to clean...mostly because of the horrible aim of the three little boys who live in my home. Anyone within earshot while I clean their bathroom is used to hearing "Eww, gross!" over and over again.

The gloves were a life-saver. The extra-long cuffs made it easier to clean without worrying about any residue drizzling back down onto my arms. The fit was perfect, feeling more like a second skin on my hands, than a glove. I was impressed with the thickness of this disposable glove. I loved that the glove was powder and latex free.

Within a few minutes the bathroom was clean, and my helper gloves were safely in the bottom of the trash can. They'd protected my hands and greatly reduced the icky factor of cleaning the bathroom. For that, I'll be eternally grateful.

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 5 out of 5
, Member khickma

These gloves have a longer cuff than other disposable gloves. I always wear gloves whenever I clean and do any jobs around the house.

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