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Kaboom Bowl Blaster

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The Bottom Line

Kaboom Toilet Blaster has a nice foaming action that cleans the sides and rim of the toilet without too much effort from you. Pour in the powder, and foam begins to fill the bowl almost up to the rim. After 15-20 minutes the foam breaks itself down. The scent of Kaboom Toilet Blaster is fresh without overpowering the senses like other harsher cleaners. It does a nice job without a brush, and a fantastic job with a brush. Even tough stains can be blasted away by Kaboom.


  • Mild scent not overpowering like many toilet cleaners.
  • Foam really does reach almost to the rim.
  • Can be used with a brush for tough cleanings or without for maintenance and touch ups.


  • Without a brush, wait time is 15-20 minutes for foam to break down.


  • Without a Brush. Pour 1 cap full of powder into the toilet bowl.
  • Allow foam to rise.
  • Wait 15-20 minutes to break up. Flush.
  • With Brush, Pour 1/3 of a cap full in. Wait 3 minutes. Brush. Flush.

Guide Review - Kaboom Bowl Blaster

I liked not having to ventilate the entire house to use a toilet bowl cleaner. The measuring cap made it easy to know how much to add. The foam really worked and I didn’t have to scrub.

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