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Method Dish Cubes

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Method Dish Cubes

Method Dish Cubes


The Bottom Line

Method dish cubes are convenient, work well, and smell great. Convenience is a great selling point, when consumers are able to drop a little packet into the dishwasher and be done. No measuring, no overfilling, no spilling. The Method Dish Cubes did a fantastic job even on baked food and grease. Don't get the cubes wet or they will dissolve instantly.
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  • Premeasured packets are easy to drop in the dishwasher.
  • Method dish cubes remove baked on food and grease.
  • Method dish cubes don't use phosphates, chemicals, or leave a residue.


  • Don't get the packets wet, or they will instantly dissolved.


  • One cube is used for one load.
  • Don't try to open or puncture the packets, it'll just make a mess. Drop it in with the wrapper on.
  • Only pick up with dry hands.
  • Retails for around $5.00 for 18 cubes.

Guide Review - Method Dish Cubes

Method's dish cubes are fantastic for our fast paced life. I loved the idea of my son loading the dishwasher without me worrying about spilled detergent, overfilling the detergent cup, or even using too little. He took a dish cube, put it in the detergent cup and started the dishwasher.

I hate prerinsing dishes, but some detergents just aren't strong enough to remove all the dirt on dishes. Method Dish Cubes did a fantastic job on even baked on food, and especially on grease. My dishes looked great without harsh chemical residue. Running the dishwasher alone with a Method Dish Cube, left the dishwasher clean and sparkling inside.

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