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Method Fresh Air Dryer Sheets

Method Fresh Air Dryer Sheets

Method Home Care

The Bottom Line

I don't give products a five star rating very often, but this one deserves it. The combination of sage, citrus, and lavender scents is wonderfully stimulating. The dryer sheets did a great job on static cling, and left the clothes smelling fresh and clean. In fact after drying a load of clothes, the entire house smelled fresh and wonderful.


  • The scent of citrus, lavender, and sage makes a heavenly fragrance people will flock to.
  • Method Dryer Sheets did a great job on static clean, without having to use two/load.
  • Uses beyond laundry include stinky gym bags, drawer fresheners, and smelly shoes.


  • Scent may not appeal to some. Try Method's morning bloom scent.


  • Put a Method Dryer Sheet into the dryer with the wet clothing.
  • If you have a large load or clothes that need extra softening, add an extra sheet to the load.
  • If spotting from the dryer sheet occurs on clothing, rub the spots with soap and warm water. Rewash.

Guide Review - Method Dryer Sheets

Some brands of dryer sheets need to be doubled up on to make a difference in the static or the fresh smell you end up with. Method sheets did a great job without having to double up. The dryer sheets also did double duty with smelly soccer bags, and a closet where stinky baseball cleats are stored.
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