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Lysol Steam Mop

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Lysol Steam Mop

Lysol Steam Mop by Conair

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The Bottom Line

If you'd like to get a steam mop to try out, the Lysol steam mop's inexpensive price may be tempting. The mop does a decent job on vinyl, hardwood, and laminate, and is decent for tile. Because there is such a small, but constant steam output, the floors dry quickly without streaking. This steam mop requires more effort and/or passes with the mop to get up tough dirt than other, more expensive steam mops. The mop is designed to give 12 minutes of continuous steam, which is enough to clean a small floor area before refilling.

This is a good starter steam mop or a nice alternative to disposable mop systems.


  • The Lysol Steam Mop is lightweight and easy to push.
  • The Lysol Steam Mop is inexpensive to purchase.


  • The handle and assembly of the steam mop seem to be cheap and easily broken.
  • There are no indicator lights to show when the steam mop is ready to use or refill.
  • The cleaning pads are very thin and won't absorb much.
  • Option to push a button to put Lysol on the pad is annoying and difficult to use.


  • Retail price for the Lysol Steam Mop is $49.99.
  • 15 inch power cord.
  • Cleaning cloths are machine washable.

Guide Review - Lysol Steam Mop

The Lysol Steam Mop is nearly half the price of other steam mops. And for that price, my opinion is that it does a great job. If you already know that you love steam mops, a more expensive type of mop might be a better option.

However, if you need a starter steam mop, this is a perfect model. It does a nice job on most floors and is relatively easy to use and operate. The Lysol Steam Mop is also a good alternative to other disposable mopping systems. Instead of using disposable cloths and cleaning solution, you can clean more effectively using the steam mops cloths and water.

User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
Lysol Steam Mop, Member MarieBlaszak

I purchased the steam mop when it was on sale, and now it is the only thing I use to do my floors. I do my kitchen floor, living room (hardwood) and mud room (which is pretty bad at the end of the day)...especially in springtime. The only complaint that I have is that I cannot find anywhere to purchase any extra pads. If you purchase this mop, I hope you like it as much as I do.

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