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Shark Euro-Pro Steam Mop

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The Shark Euro-Pro steam mop has some good points. It has a fantastic mopping pad that absorbs well and stays put. It releases a good amount of steam and can really clean a floor. But the handle seems flimsy and unable to stand up to the force needed to push the steam mop forward and release steam. The design of the Shark Euro-Pro steam mop requires that forward motion to pump the handle down and release steam. After mopping a small section of floor, my arms were exhausted. I felt more tired than I've ever felt mopping in the traditional way. There are better steam mops on the market that don't require the effort.
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  • The mop pad stays in place throughout the cleaning.
  • The Shark Euro-Pro Steam Mop's water tank holds a nice amount of water.
  • The Shark Euro-Pro Steam Mop is lightweight.


  • The Shark Euro-Pro Steam Mop requires a tiring forward motion pumping action to release steam.
  • The Shark Euro-Pro Steam Mop's handle seems flimsy and at risk for breaking.


  • The Shark Euro-Pro steam mop retails for $79.99.
  • Ready in 30 seconds.
  • 1 year warranty.

Guide Review - Shark Euro-Pro Steam Mop

While the principles behind the design for the Shark Euro-Pro steam mop are good, they don't work well in practice. The steam mop is lightweight, which would be fine if it didn't need to be pushed forward so forcibly to release steam. More often than not, I felt like I was scrubbing the floors with more effort than with a mop and bucket.
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 1 out of 5
Dissatisfied Customer, Member skempf1017

I would never recommend Euro Pro to anyone, this people are horrible. I returned the vacuum immediately, just like they told me to do and instead of giving me my credit, they charged my credit card again. I have to keep calling them so they will give my credit back for the two charges, they finally did it but they revert the credits again now wanting to charge me shipping and handling, that is not what they told me from the beginning, it got to the point that I had to close my credit card

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