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Mr. Clean Magic Reach is a versatile cleaning tool designed to assist in mopping, cleaning fixtures, cleaning tub surrounds, and scrubbing check these illustrated assembly and use instructions . Overall though the tool is handy to clean most surfaces without multiple supplies. Scrubbing a very dirty bathroom may require more than just the Magic Reach, but for surfaces in need of moderate cleaning and maintenance it does the job.


  • Multiple ways to clean with one tool.
  • Extendable handle helps you reach difficult places.


  • Instruction for assembly were a little confusing.
  • Mopping pads should not be used on natural stone and other surfaces.


  • Assemble the tool and choose a surface to clean.
  • Attach a cleaning or mopping pad. Be sure to secure the flat end of the pad into the notches.
  • Adjust the height of the wand for mopping or high reach cleaning.
  • Detach the cleaning head for hand work on sinks, countertops, and fixtures.
  • Throw away the cleaning pad. Do not flush.
  • Rinse the cleaning head and hang Mr. Clean Magic Reach to store.

Guide Review - Mr. Clean Magic Reach

Mr. Clean Magic Reach comes disassembled in the box. After a few attempts at fitting the pieces together, the tool began to make sense. A extendable handle, cleaning head, and disposable cleaning pads make up the system.

Tub surrounds are more easily cleaned by the adjustable handle. You don't have to stand in the tub to clean it. You can also reach up to the top of a shower surround. Removing the handle from the cleaning head allows you to use the tool for cleaning around the sink and toilet. Mr. Clean Magic Reach also does well mopping when the handle is fully extendedbecause of a swivel feature that allows the head to move where it is needed. My favorite part of the experience was mopping behind the toilet without getting on my hands and knees.

There are two types of cleaning pads available with the Mr. Clean Magic Reach system. The pads tuck securely into the slots on the top of the cleaning head. Cleaning pads already have cleaning solution added and need only water to provided sudsing action. Even with rinsing the pads out, there was plenty of cleaning solution previously added to the pad. The mopping pad is already wet and ready to begin mopping. The pads have a mild fresh scent and woven fibers that pick up dirt and lint. They have a mild scrubbing ability that is made easier by the extending handle. The pads are disposable and should not be flushed.

The end of the Mr. Clean Magic Reach handle extends to form a hook, convenient for hanging.

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Mr Clean magic reach, Member AnthonyJones

Irecently tried to use my MrClean Magic reach. I had purchased some time ago the wet pads and I found that now when I needed them they had dried out. I called P&G customer service hotline and they directed me to Butler Home Products who are the new licensee of the magiic reach. They are not customer focused. I talked with a snarky woman named Jodi. I don't know what she looks like but I'm sure she has a bottle neck. She was unwillimg to help me out with the problem and she would not allow me to talk with anyone above her. She said that I should have used the mopping pads within 6 months. I explained that there were no expiration dates on the bag. She then wanted me to find a recipt from 6 months ago. Jodi was willing to sell me more pads ""but why"" I asked her ""would I buy a product that had already let me down?"" I called back to P&G and they were able to help me wiht my concerns. P&G is a company I can do business with in the future. but I will never do business with this Butler rejects again. I wonder if Butler knows that this woman is turning away customers at the door?

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