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The Bottom Line

If you want to protect your hands from water temperatures, chemicals, or drying detergents/soaps while cleaning, these gloves may be a perfect fit. With several sizes, textured grip, and a turn-up drip-catching cuff, Playtex Living gloves do a great job at keeping your hands protected and dry.


  • The length on these gloves is the longest I've seen, with plenty of room to turn up the cuff.
  • Triple layers of nitrile and neoprene creates a thick glove with plenty of protection.
  • Three sizes available to insure a perfect fit.
  • Textures on the palm and fingers help provide a sure grip.
  • Anti-microbial protection prevents mold and mildew growth.


  • Not effortless to remove.
  • Contains latex.


  • Playtex Living gloves come in small, medium, and large sizes.
  • Suggested retail is $2.79-$3.19 per pair.
  • Gloves are treated with an anti-microbial protection to keep mold and mildew from forming.

Guide Review - Playtex Living Gloves

My hands are not my best feature. I tend to torture them until "feminine" is the last word anyone would use to describe them. In an effort to protect my hands and nails while cleaning...I try to wear gloves for most chores that involve water or cleansers. But sometimes wearing gloves turns out to be an even bigger mess that if I'd just done the job bare-handed.

Drips down into the glove are a thing of the past when using Playtex Living gloves. The gloves are long, with an extended cuff that can be turned up to catch spills before they roll back down your arm.

These gloves are quality. They're thick enough to withstand chemicals, heat, and mild puncture issues. And although they don't provide as much flexibility as disposable gloves, the texturing on the palm and fingers makes for a comfortable sure grip when handling wet and soapy items.

And they're purple, which makes you feel royal.

Anyone else?

No, just me.


But the feeling of the gloves will make you feel like you're giving your hands the royal treatment, even while doing something as common as washing dishes.

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