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The Bottom Line

The Scooba makes mopping as effortless as I've always dreamed it could be. After pouring cleaning solution and water into the tank, I pressed a button and stood in awe as the Scooba mapped out my room, pre-cleaned, cleaned, and dried my floor. At the end of a cleaning session that involved zero effort on my part, my floors looked better than they've looked in a long time.
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  • The Scooba mops floors with little effort required by you.
  • The Scooba is safe to use on a variety of floor types, including sealed hardwood.
  • The Scooba mops more thoroughly than most mops and buckets.
  • The Scooba is easy to operate and understand.


  • The cost of the Scooba versus a mop and bucket is a big difference.
  • For large hard surface flooring areas, more frequent refilling may be needed.
  • Maintaining the brush can be a little icky.


  • Retail price for Scooba is $399.00 and includes 1 virtual wall that can be used to block the Scooba from areas of the home.
  • The 350 Scooba model I reviewed is designed to clean 500 sq ft on 1 battery charge and 250 sq ft on one tank of water.
  • The 350 Model Scooba preps, washes, scrubs, and dries tile, sealed hardwood, and linoleum floors.
  • The low profile of the Scooba gets under cabinets, into hard to reach areas, all while avoiding carpets and rugs.
  • One year manufacturer's warranty is included for the Scooba.
  • The Scooba can use white vinegar, plain water, or the Clorox Scooba solution.

Guide Review - iRobot Scooba

The Scooba from iRobot is the closest thing I've ever seen to an effortless dream cleaning machine.

After charging the Scooba overnight, I swept my kitchen floor and prepared to use the new robot to mop the next morning. After reading through very simple, yet thorough instructions, I was ready to clean. I measured out the correct amount of the Clorox Scooba solution and filled the rest of the clean tank with water. I placed the tank portion of the Scooba back into the main unit. I pressed power, and then clean. The Scooba came to life and began examining my floor.

In what seemed like a random pattern, the Scooba rolled around the floor, precleaning, cleaning, and drying the floor. I kept waiting for it to need me, but besides one small instance where it got stuck under my desk and beeped an "uh, oh" sound at me, I could have been anywhere and doing anything while it mopped my floors.

At the end of the 45 minute cleaning session, I walked the floors, searching for any spots that had been missed, but there weren't any. I rinsed out the clean and dirty water tanks, dumped out and rinsed an interior filter trap, and checked the brush for hair. Then I stared at the Scooba for a long time.

I knew I was in love.

It seemed like Scooba was a part of our family. It even received a nickname of "Fido" from my kids. My three-year-old daughter would pat the Scooba when it reached the end of its cycle and say, "Good boy, Fido. Go to sleep now." Friends and family would stand in the doorway to the kitchen watching the Scooba clean.

After trying the Scooba with its Clorox cleaning solution, vinegar, and plain water, I have to conclude that it makes floor clean no matter which one I used.

The price of the Scooba may be a hindrance to those used to paying twenty bucks for a mop, but the effortlessness of mopping may make it worth the while.

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scooba, Member housekeeper121

These machines are unreliable and need constant cleaning/ It is easier to clean the floor than the robot!! Backup from Irobot is very bad and expensive. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY- employ a person at the same rate - they will do a better job and you will get a more satisfactory result.

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