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A good mop can make a huge difference in cleaning your floors.  Hard surface flooring is beautiful, until it gets grimy.  Finding a mop that can handle a mess without damaging floors or damaging you can be challenging.  These 3 flat mops are some of the best at getting floors clean with convenience as a top priority.

1. Bissell Smart Details Microfiber Mop

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The Bissell Smart Details Microfiber Mop comes with a reusable washable microfiber cleaning pad.  The details are really taken care of with this mop.  An extendable handle makes finding the perfect height an easy task.  The foldable mopping head helps squeeze out excess water and also folds the mop compactly for storage.  This is a great quality mop for those who want a reusable system.

2. Clorox ReadyMop

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The Clorox ReadyMop does a nice job on hard surface floors and offers the convenience of disposable mopping pads and on board storage for cleaning solution.  The trigger sprays solution onto the floor for you via a trigger on the handle.  The mopping pads do a nice job on many kinds of hard surface floors.  Convenience is key with disposable mopping pads.

3. Swiffer WetJet

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The Swiffer WetJet is a graet convenience tool to keep floors clean in between mopping.  This all in one system is designed to make mopping an easy chore minus the mop and bucket routine.  Although the mopping pad doesn't pick up pet hair very well, the on board scrubbing tool makes sure that Swiffer can handle even tougher dried on spots on your floor.

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