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5 Types of Cleaning Sponges


Cleaning sponges can make the difference between making a cleaning job a task or a chore. Great cleaning sponges do much of the work for you, while poor cleaning sponges can actually make a bigger mess.  Learn to recognize the 5 main types of cleaning sponges and where they will work best in your home.

1. Cellulose Sponges

Cellulose sponges are some of the most common sponges on the market.  Their bright colors and hand-sized shapes make them a great choice for lots of different types of chores.  Cellulose sponges are very inexpensive, provide good absorbency, and last through tough chores.

2. Abrasive Sponges

Abrasive sponges can be cellulose sponges with an extra abrasive matterial attached, or just a think sheet of abrasive material.  These sponges are great for use on outdoor grill and some patio furniture.  Abrasive sponges are also a great tool for baked-on food on pots and pans.

3. Compressed Cellulose Sponges

As the name implies, compressed cellulose sponges are just like cellulose sponges, except they've had all the air and moisture removed to make them a flattened version of themselves.  With a little water to rehydrate the sponge, they pop up and are ready to work.

4. Natural Sponges

Natural sponges are actually collected from the sea floor.  While not as easily found as cellulose sponges, these super soft and absorbent sponges can be found in home improvement and paint supply stores. 

5. Dry Sponges

Dry sponges are made from a rubber substance and are usually used when cleaning up soot on walls and surfaces after a fire.  The sponges, as their name implies, don't need any water to be used.

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