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Top 10 Dusting Tools


Trying to choose which dusting tools to use can be confusing. Some products can damage furniture, while others just spread dust into the air. Find out which dusting products are the best for you to choose.

1. Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber cloths are a great choice for dusting because they grab and hold a ton of dust without releasing it into the air. Without the need for polishes or oils, microfiber cloths grab onto dust and remove it without scratching furniture or damaging wood. Look for both disposable and washable microfiber cloths to use for your dusting needs.
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2. Extending Lambswool Duster

Lambswool dusters are great for dusting in irregular places and on flat surfaces. With extendable handles, you'll be able to reach up to door frames and ceiling corners, as well as down to baseboards and pieces of furniture. Lambswool dusters won't leave behind feathers, but do require some maintenance and washing to keep them functioning well.
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3. Ceiling Fan Duster

Ceiling fans attract a lot of dust, and need to be maintained to insure good performance and looks. This ceiling fan duster will help you reach and dust without the need for step ladders or stretching. This ceiling fan duster has an extra long reach and full head to make dusting the ceiling fan an easy to do chore.
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4. DustTamer Bendable Extendable Duster

This lambswool duster comes with a vacuum chamber to remove dust from the duster as you work. The vacuum chamber has 2 stage HEPA filtration to trap dust particles as you work. The cordless vacuum works on recharchable batteries and allows you to dust an entire house without having to take breaks to shake out your duster.
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5. Compressed Air

Compressed air is a good tool to use for dusting on some electronics devices and other areas where a dusting cloth isn't practical or effective. Compressed air is often used to clean computer keyboards or other electronic devices which may not be compatible with other dusting tools.

6. Pledge Furniture Polish

Pledge Furniture Polish is a good choice if you need a polish for your wood furniture. Furniture polish can help prevent scratching on fine wood furniture. Be sure to follow directions when using furniture oils and polishes to prevent buildup or damage to wood surfaces.
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7. Method Wood For Good Wipes

Method's Wood For Good Wipes are a great option for people looking for a furniture polish in a disposable form. These wipes do a good job of polishing wood surfaces to restore shine and luster. Because they're disposable, Method Wood for Good Wipes are convenient and easy to use.

8. Pledge Grab-It Cloths

Available in unscented and in an Orange Scented variety, Pledge Grab-It Cloths do a good job of grabbing onto dirt and dust without releasing it back into the air. These disposable cloths are great for quick dusting jobs and work well for furniture and electronics.
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9. Feather Duster

Feather dusters are a popular dusting choice because of their versatility. Feather dusters can get into tight places and do a good job of removing dust, although they may not be the best choice for allergy sufferers. Be sure to replace the feather duster if any of the feathers break. Broken feathers can be responsible for scratches and damage to furniture and surfaces.
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10. Caldrea Flannel Flip Dusting Cloth

This large dusting cloth offers 16 sides to insure that you have a clean spot to dust with each time you're ready. This washable cloth does a great job at dusting and cleaning many areas of your home. This cloth is great for those who like to do damp dusting in their home.
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