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Top 5 Cleaning Toy Sets


Little kids love to play at cleaning. They love to sweep and vacuum. They'll wash pretend dishes for hours at a time. A toy mop is a dream come true. These cleaning sets will delight kids and help develop good cleaning habits while children are young.

1. Dirt Devil 9 Piece Play Set

With a vacuum cleaner, hand vac, broom, dustpan, mop, broom brush, and pretend cleansers, the Dirt Devil 9 piece play set will make a fantastic toolkit for your little helper. Part of the charm is that the small tools look like the big ones that Mommy or Daddy would use, making your little one feel like an important part of the cleaning crew.
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2. Lillian Vernon Cleaning Trolley

The Lillian Vernon Cleaning Trolley is pretty in pink and purple. Besides containing a mop, broom, brush broom, dust pan, and mop bucket, this cleaning kit comes with a working vacuum and a cart to store all your cleaning tools and supplies. Not only will your little helper have all the tools they need to help, but a built in storage system to keep their cleaning stuff cleaned up.
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3. PlayGo LTM Cleaning Trolley

The PlayGo cleaning cart contains a mop, broom, brush broom, dustpan, bucket, and real working water sprayer. In addition the electronic vacuum and cleaning cart make this toy a super addition to a child's chore fun. The neutral red, yellow, green, and blue colors make this a good choice for boys and girls, who will enjoy real working lights and sounds.
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4. Magic Cabin 4 Piece Cleaning Set

Although this set includes only a mop, broom, hand broom, and dust pan, the pieces are sturdier with wooden handles to allow children a more lasting set of cleaning toys. The red dustpan is crafted from metal to help it last a lot longer than your child's desire to be a big helper.
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5. Kidz Delight LTD Fred, Sam and Pan Cleaning Set

This cleaning set is geared towards young toddlers and includes a talking trash can that can hold toys, and talks when children press the foot pedal to lift the lid. Sam, the broom, rolls his eyes, giggles,and talks when children sweep with him. The dust pan helps clean up any messes Sam sweeps up.
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