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Top 10 Housekeeping and Organizing Books


Books about cleaning and organizing our homes scream at us from the shelves. They offer the hope that someone else's brilliant ideas can help us get our own homes in order. Before you browse the bookstores selection of cleaning and organizing books, take a look at our top 10 picks.

1. A Housekeeper Is Cheaper Than a Divorce

If you've ever dreamed about actually hiring a housekeeper to help alleviate the work load in your home, this book has information you can't miss out on. Kathy Fitzgerald Sherman gives a well written and concise guide to every aspect of hiring a housekeeper. Figure out if you need a housekeeper, how to hire a reliable housekeeper, what to expect from hired help and more.
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2. Home Comforts

This book is like an encyclopedia of home management and cleaning. Well written and thorough this book is a great addition to any housekeeping library. Home Comforts follows not only the basics of cleaning and organizing, but also the necessity of beauty and comfort in the home.
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3. Confessions of an Organized Homemaker

Denise Schoefield has hundreds of tips and ideas for making a home run more smoothly. Practical suggestions for every part of your home are logically organized in this book, making it easy to find the ideas you need. Denise also covers scheduling and calendering a family in depth.
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4. Home Organizing Workbook

This workbook attracts the eye immediately with its well designed sections and divided categories of the home. The full color photographs are dazzling and motivating. Each section of the book begins with a questionnaire and then takes the reader through all the steps needed to complete every organizing project in the home.
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5. Speed Cleaning

The Clean Team has a surefire method to clean your entire home efficiently and effectively. In a little over 40 minutes you can speed clean your home. If you're looking for time saving tips Speed Cleaning will help you find your way.
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6. How the Queen Cleans Everything

Linda Cobb, The Queen of Clean, has combined 3 of her bestselling books into a complete manual for laundry, cleaning, organizing and more. Linda is to the point and humorous with her practical advice for improving your home.
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7. The Organizing Sourcebook

Learn nine basic organizing principles that can change your disorganized life. Find out not only about cleaning and organizing, but also about stress management, dealing with change, and managing time.
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8. Field Guide to Stains

This stain guide goes beyond the call of duty, giving the reader information on the nature of the stain, in depth treatment information, and full color pictures to help identify stains. So even if you've forgotten what it was that you spilled down your shirt, you can identify and properly treat any stain.
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9. Sidetracked Home Executives From Pigpen to Paradise

Pam Young and Peggy Jones are two sisters who have revolutionized cleaning and organizing. Their system of 3x5 notecards promises to deliver all SHEs from CHAOS. With minimal supplies and mop buckets full of humor these sidetracked sisters conquer the most distracted housekeepers' obstacles.
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10. The New Messies Manual

The founder of Messies Anonymous is here with help for the struggling homemakers. With simple practical tips to help conquer clutter and mess, Sandra Felton has greated a handbook for the hopeless.
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