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Use Soda Pop to Clean


Use Soda Pop to Clean Photo Credit: Philip Nealey / Getty Images
Remove Tarnish and Rust

The mild acids in many soft drinks make them ideal at removing tarnish and rust stains. Brass items dipped in a bath of a dark brown soft drink can have their shine restored. Rusted areas on stainless steel can be cleaned with an application of soft drink. Be sure to clean the area thoroughly after you've removed the rust and tarnish. Soft drinks are sticky and can leave a residue that will stain if they aren't removed fully.

Clean a Toilet

Ran out of toilet cleaner...grab a soft drink. Pour a can or bottle of coke into your toilet. Be sure to pour it around the rim so that it covers the whole interior of the bowl. Let the coke sit for 1 hour. For stubborn stains use a toilet scrub brush after the hour is up. Flush the toilet and enjoy the sparkling clean.

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