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Use Tea to Clean


Use Tea to Clean Photo Credit: Alexandra Rowley / Getty Images
Hardwood Floors

Black tea has been used to mop quite a few hardwood floors in its history. Use the tanic acid in the tea to clean the floors and add shine to a dull old hardwood floor. As with all cleaning solutions for your floors, start by mopping a small area in a hidden spot to check for discoloration. Do not use tea to mop laminate wood flooring. Always follow manufacturer's instructions for best results. To mop your hardwood floor with tea, boil a pot of water and add 5-6 tea bags to the water. Turn off the heat and allow the tea to sit and steep for around 10 minutes. Carefully pour the tea into your mop bucket. Add cool water to lower the temperature if needed. Place your mop into the tea water and wring out thoroughly. You do not want a soaking mop. Mop the floor as you would normally, using the tea water as your mop water. Allow the floor to dry.

Odor Removal

Use green tea leaves to deter odors in your refrigerator. Add green tea leaves to a bowl and place uncovered in the refrigerator. Even pungent garlic and onions will be absorbed by the tea leaves. If you've diced up something smelly, try rubbing your hands with tea leaves to remove and absorb the smell.

Microwave Cleaning

Boil water and add a few green tea leaves to steep after you've removed the pot from heat. After it is cool enough to handle, use the tea water to wash down the inside and outside of your microwave. It will help remove odors and add a fresh smelling clean to your microwave oven.

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