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9 Surprising Household Cleaners


You've got a cleaning job to do, and you know just the brand name cleaner to use.  But what if the right tool for the job is lurking in the most unexpected places?  Could you really find great cleaners in your refrigerator, pantry, or medicine cabinet?  These 9 surprising household cleaners, really clean up.

1. Ketchup

Photo Credit: Jeffrey Coolidge / Getty Images

Ketchup has a bad wrap for causing set in stains on our laundry, but it can actually remove tarnish and other stains on our pots and pans.  And could you believe that ketchup could be the perfect dip for your silver pieces?

2. White Bread

Photo Credit: Anthony-Masterson / Getty Images

White bread has a knack for sticking to things, which comes in handy when you need to remove dirt from places where traditional cleaners can't go.  It's also handy in cleaning up shattered glass. 

3. Coffee Grounds

Photo Credit: Stockbyte / Getty Images

Coffee gets a reputation for leaving stains, but it also has a reputation for absorbing odor.  Find out where to put coffee grounds to keep nasty odors out of your home.

4. White Rice

Photo Credit: Artparadigm / Getty Images

I used to love helping to wash the tight necked white milk glass vases in my home.  My mom taught me early in my cleaning training about the value of using rice to clean the insides of those bottles.  These tips will show you some interesting uses for rice on your list of cleaning jobs.

5. Tea

Photo Credit: Alexandra Rowley / Getty Images

Tea, like coffee has a reputation for leaving tannin stains on everything it comes into contact with.   It's nice to know that tannin stain might have some benefit in our household chores, after all.  Find out where tea comes in handy for cleaning your home.

6. Soft Drinks

Photo Credit: Philip Nealey / Getty Images

The bubbling and fizzing action of soda pop may be enjoyable for your taste buds, but it can serve another purpose as well.  Use soft drinks to scrub up some surprising places in your home.

7. Hydrogen Peroxide

Photo Credit: Flikr User:timsamoff

Hydrogen peroxide most often stays tucked away in a medicine cabinet ready when injury or illness come to call.  But hydrogen peroxide can actually be an effective cleaning tool around the house.  Find out which metal surfaces can be polished with hydrogen peroxide and where some extra disinfecting powers come in handy in your household chores.

8. Corn Starch

Most people know about corn starch in regards to gravies and stews, but corn starches absorbing power makes it a powerful cleaner as well.  Find out how to use corn starch as a carpet cleaner and more.

9. Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is another great tool we keep in our medicine cabinets to disinfect and treat wounds.  But rubbing alcohol is one of the most versatile cleaners around.  Find out how it can disinfect and clean electronics, remove the toughest stains, and more.

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