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Scheduling, Calendaring, Charting

Schedules, calendars, and charts help organize our household and the members' duties to make sure everything gets done on time. Find the tools you need to schedule your family's life. Browse the collection of chore charts to find ideas to fit your family's needs.
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What Are the Benefits of a Chore Chart?
Why are chore charts beneficial? Don't they just make kids overwhelmed? Find out the real benefits of a chart.

What Effect Does Back to School Have on Children's Chores?
A mom wants to know how to fix a broken chore chart system that functioned well during the summer, but isn't getting anything done with the crunch of back to school.

How To Convince Kids to Use a Chore Chart
You set up a fancy chart, but your kids act like it isn't there? You need some ways to get your children motivated about the chore chart. Find out how to get your children excited and motivated to use a chore chart.

Creating a Cleaning Schedule
Feel like you're always cleaning but nothing is ever clean? Need to customize a routine that gets more clean in less time. Here are the answers to your daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal chores.

Holiday Planning Notebook Setting Up a Holiday Planning Notebook
The holiday season inevitably brings more stress and worry than most of the year. There is so much to coordinate, organize, and prepare. Couple that with the desire to have everything perfect, and you’ve got a recipe for emotional disaster. This year take some of the stress away from the season by organizing your own Holiday Planning Notebook.

Tips For Setting Up a Monthly Calendar Creating a Family Monthly Calendar
Get great tips on setting up a family monthly calendar. Monthly calendars can get your family organized with all of your activities and obligations.

Free Customized Character Chore Charts
DLTK's Printable Crafts For Kids allows you to customize your own chore charts step by step. In the first step you choose your theme. Themes include Blue's Clues, Angels, Care Bears, Digimon, Finding Nemo, Dora, Dragon Tales, Pokemon, Scooby Do, Sesame Street, Strawberry Shortcake, Super Heroes, Thomas, Veggie Tales, Winnie The Pooh, Yu Gi Oh, and more. Print in color or black and white.

Chore Charts For Kids
This site's charts have optional themes of horses, lions, dinosaurs, and toucans. Check out the room by room checklists. All charts are free to print and use for your family brought to you by the Clean Sweeps Vac Shop.

Printable Chore Charts
Great themed printable chore charts from Alenka's Printables give you the ability to track your child's progress daily, weekly, and monthly. The Halloween themed chart is one of my favorites.

Age Appropriate Chores
Sometimes its hard to know when a child is prepared to have chores of his/her own. Look here to find chore ideas ordered by age from A Mom's Touch.

Printable Chores for Children Checklist
Printable Checklists has children's charts divided into the following categories by age, 2-3, 4-5, 6-7, 8-9, 10+, and over 10. Also has a blank chart for you to fill in your own ideas, or a printable picture chart for younger children.

6 Easy Ways to Simplify Cleaning
Need to simplify things in your life? Ever thought about simplifying your cleaning routine? It's easier than you think.

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