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What Are the Benefits of a Chore Chart?


Question: What Are the Benefits of a Chore Chart?
There seem to be a lot of reasons why people believe that chore charts are a bad idea for kids. Some argue that a chart listing chores can be overwhelming to a child. Others think that charts are too much trouble to keep up with. So what are the real benefits of a chore chart?
Answer: One of the ways to be a great parent, is to be consistent. Charts make consistency in chores a much easier thing. Kids know what to expect. They know what is expected of them. It's easier for parents to make sure that they aren't under or overwhelming their children with chores when they are tracking exactly what children are responsible for.

Chore charts also allow children to have some ownership over their responsibilities. Many kids enjoy being able to track their daily progress. Chore charts with rewards can also be a useful tool in helping children work towards a goal.

Used properly, chore charts can help things run more smoothly in a home, and also prepare kids at an early stage for future responsibilities.

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