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Cleaning and Caring For Slate Countertops


Slate Countertop Description:

Slate is a gorgeous countertop material. It has a nice spectrum of deep rich blue and green colors, with a beautiful texture of stone.

Slate Countertop Pros:

Slate resists heat well as a countertop surface. It's beautiful and less porous than granite or marble, which makes it more resistant to stains and etching.

Slate Countertop Cons:

Slate is expensive, and it's not as tough as marble and granite. It is brittle and can crack and chip away much more easily than other stones. Don't clean slate with abrasive cleaners or oily sprays.

Slate Countertop Cleaning:

Dust once a week with a microfiber cloth. Clean with a damp cloth and a pH neutral stone cleaner.

Slate Countertop Maintenance:

Even though slate is better at resisting stains, it's still recommended that you seal slate countertops. When drops of water splashed on the surface of the countertop don't form beads, it's time to reseal.
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