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Cleaning Fabric and Upholstery Surfaces

Chenille, denim, satin, polyester...We have almost as many fabric types as we do outfits. Check here for your guide to cleaning all different types of fabrics, carpets, rugs, and upholstery.
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Remove Towel Odors
Want to get rid of nasty towel odors in your home? The steps are simple.

How Can I Tell If My Upholstered Slipcovers and Cushion Covers Can Be Washed?
Some removable upholstered slipcovers, cushion covers, and window treatments can be machine washed, but how can you know? Find out how to tell which upholstered slipcovers can be washed.

Clean Leather Couches
Leather furniture is beautiful, durable, and an asset to home decor. But many people aren't sure the best way to clean leather on a regular basis. Find out how to clean leather couches and chairs.

5 Leather Furniture Mistakes
Find out some of the most common leather furniture mistakes and how to avoid them. If you want your leather furniture to last, follow these tips for avoiding the most common leather furniture mistakes.

Clean Drapes
Drapes are beautiful and add value and function to your home. But the have a reputation of being a pain to clean. Find out the basics of caring for the drapes in your home.

Clean Curtains
Find out how to clean curtains. These basic tips for cleaning curtains will get your window treatments sparkling and shining.

How to Vacuum Blinds and Curtains
Find out how to vacuum window treatments like blinds and curtains. Vacuuming window treatments regularly is an important part of cleaning. Find out how often these blinds and curtains need to be cleaned.

How to Vacuum Furniture
Vacuuming furniture can extend the life and beauty of almost any piece. Find out how often furniture needs to be vacuumed, and which tools work best.

Cleaning Silk Ties
Water and stains are enemies to silk ties. Cleaning a silk tie is no simple matter. Because silk shouldn't be mixed with water, often cleaning a silk tie is a lost cause. If you're willing to put forth a little effort, you might be able to clean a silk tie.

Does Hair Spray Really Remove Ink Stains
One of the biggest stain removal secrets is to use hair spray to remove ink stains. But does it work or is it another cleaning myth?

Combination Based Stains
Combination Based Stains are mixes of two stain types that each need to be treated. Find out some common combination based stains and how to remove them.

Oil Based Stains
What are oil based stains and how do you remove them. Find out about oil based stains and stain removal techniques.

Tannin Based Stains
What are tannin based stains and how do you remove them? Find out how to remove tannin stains from your clothing.

Dye Based Stains
How to identify and remove dye based stains.

Protein Based Stains
Find out which stains are protein based stains and how to treat them.

Care For Bed Linens
You spent a lot to make your bed beautiful, but how do you care for your bed linens. Find out how to wash, dry, and maintain bed linens.

7 Ironing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
Ironing can be a tricky business depending on your clothing type, ironing equipment, and techniques. Find out how to avoid ironing mistakes with your clothing. What are the most common ironing mistakes? How can you avoid ironing mistakes?

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