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The 5 Best Steam Mops


Shopping for steam mops can be very confusing due to the sheer number of choices.  Which steam mops are actually going to get the job done?  It can be difficult to sort between the various bells and whistles, but these steam mops performed well.  When looking for a steam mop, the number one priority is how effectively it cleans your floors.  The second priority is how easy the steam mop is to use.  These are the best of the best.

1. Eureka EnviroSteamer

Photo Credit: Electrolux Home Care Products
The Eureka EnviroSteamer uses continuous steam and a heavy duty magic cleaning cloth to clean vinyl, ceramic tile, sealed hardwood, laminate, and more. On every floor type tested, the EnivroSteamer did an amazing job on the toughest and stickiest dirt. With fantastic edge cleaning and great swivel action, the Eureka EnviroSteamer is my new favorite tool. Instead of the triangle shaped mop head, the EnviroSteamer uses a rectangular shape. The EnviroSteamer also keeps a continuous steam going, unlike other brands that have a trigger mechanism. For those who want more control of their steam output, this may be a negative. Others who appreciate not having to work a trigger will love the effortless design. The Envirosteamer was a little bit heavier than other mops but seemed to glide just as smoothly across hard surface flooring.

2. H2O Steam Mop

Photo Credit: Thane USA
The H2O Mop has a unique triangular swiveling head that allows easy access around the small areas of our bathrooms and kitchens. With a trigger function to control the output of steam, the H2O mop is a great choice for many floor types. Its thick absorbent cloth fits snuggly onto the mopping head and is efficient at absorbing water and cleaning the floors. I was really surprised at how easy this mop was to use. It takes very little time for the mop to get warm enough for steam to come out. A gentle gliding motion with occasional steam was all it took to get up even tough stuff on my floors.

3. Bissell Steam Mop

Photo Credit: Bissell Homecare
Bissell's steam mop is sturdy, sleek, and effective on most floor types. The absorbent pads work well on tile, sealed hardwood, vinyl, laminate and other flooring types as well. The Bissell steam mop puts out a nice steady stream of steam using the trigger function. The price is nice as well. I loved the look of this steam mop. It's actually a beautiful color and design. The function of the mop is really great as well. And because Bissell has been making hard surface floor products for a really long time, they certainly seem to know what customers prefer in a steam mop.

4. Steamboy Steam Mop

Photo Credit: Reliable
The Steamboy Steam Mop is a great choice for consumers looking for a powerful steam mop with a sturdy design. The Steamboy has a great steam output with a trigger control. Its cleaning pads are absorbent and able to be washed in the washing machine. The Steamboy performs well on many flooring types, which is perfect for homes that have several kinds of flooring. The Steamboy also does a great job on corners and edges. The cleaning cloth is sturdy and works great on multiple types of floors. The filling and refilling mechanism was easy to use. The steam mop seemed to heat up quickly.

5. Lysol Steam Mop

Photo Credit: Conair
The Lysol Steam Mop is a good starter mop for those who want to see what a steam mop can do without paying the price of the sturdier and more expensive steam mops. The Lysol Steam Mop has a good output of steam, decent cleaning cloths, and good performance on many floor types, for 1/2 the price of most other steam mops. This is definitely not a heavy duty steam mop, but the price makes it a good introductory mop. It's also a great steam mop for people who don't have many hard surface floors to clean.
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