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Cleaning Wall Surfaces

If your not sure how to clean the different walls in your home, check here for some great ideas and information. Whether your cleaning wallpaper, paints, or paneling, you'll find the answers here.

Vacuuming Baseboards, Windowsills, and Molding
Find out how to vacuum baseboards, vacuum windowsills, and vacuum crown molding. How often should your baseboards, windowsills, and molding be vacuumed?

Vacuuming Walls and Ceilings
Dust sticks, even to walls. If you don't vacuum your walls and ceilings regularly, you may have a mess in a matter of months. Find out how to vacuum your walls and ceilings and how often it needs to be done.

How To Clean Baseboards
Have baseboards in your home? Do you know how often they need to be cleaned? When was the last time your baseboards were bright and shiny?

How to Vacuum Carpet
Find out the best way to vacuum carpet and how often your carpet should be vacuumed.

Removing Crayon Stains From Walls
Crayons are a great invention, I'll be the first to admit. Until their brilliant colors make their way to our walls. Here are three easy ways to get crayon off of the walls.

10 Tips for Dusting
So everybody knows how to dust, right? These tips may actually help you dust less.

Washing Painted Walls, Woodwork
Cleaning tips and ideas for washing painted walls. This site from the Michigan State University Extension Office covers cleaning flat, gloss, and semigloss painted rooms.

Cleaning Paneled Walls and Woodwork
Paneling can be a beautiful addition to your homes atmosphere if properly cared for. Michigan State University's Extension Office has tips for cleaning your paneled walls.

Getting Crayon Off Your Walls
You turned your back for just a minute and the birthday card your kids were coloring for Grandma has spilled over onto your wall. The Tip King covers solutions to cleaning crayon off different types of walls.

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