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Removing Crayon From Walls

3 Ways To Get Crayon Stains Off Walls


Crayons are a great invention, I'll be the first to admit...until their brilliant colors make their way to our walls. Here are three easy ways to get crayon off of the walls.

1. Blow Dryer and Dishsoap

Sarah Aguirre
One of the sure-fire ways to remove crayon from walls is to use a blow dryer and regular mild dishsoap. Turn on the blow dryer and blow hot air on the crayon marks. The wax will heat up and begin to melt making it easier to wipe away. Using a cleaning cloth or a paper towel with a little liquid dishsoap, gently wipe away the crayon marks. This method is safe to use on most wall surfaces, but test first in a hidden spot to be sure. There may be a little effort needed to remove crayon on heavily textured walls.

2. WD-40

Sarah Aguirre
WD-40 works really well to remove crayon on painted walls. Simply spray a little of the product onto a cleaning cloth or paper towel. Wipe over the crayon marks. The crayon usually comes right off. For stubborn or older crayon, more effort may be needed. WD-40 also has a No-Mess Pen that is a great tool for getting crayon off of your walls, and makes less of a mess than using the spray version. WD-40 gets crayon off of painted surfaces really well, but the spray WD-40 can be a little messy. The oily residue will need to be washed off of your walls after you remove the crayon marks.

3. Disposable Cleaning Erasers

Sarah Aguirre
When Mr. Clean came out with their Magic Eraser, a lot of parents stopped stressing out over crayon marks on walls. The truth is, this product works miracles on painted and some other surfaces. Other manufacturers have similar versions, making it easy to find a disposable cleaning eraser that will get your walls crayon free. On heavily textured walls you may need to use a little effort, but it will work. These erasers should not be used on some surfaces, including polished/glossy surfaces, wood pannelled walls, satin, or dark finishes. Test first in a hidden spot to be sure that you won't damage the finish of your walls.
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