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Housecleaning Shortcuts for Cleaning and Organizing

If you need some housecleaning shortcuts to make your cleaning routine more efficient, these tips can help. Find out how to speed clean like the pros shaving tons of time off of your cleaning schedule.
  1. 15 Minute Cleanups (5)

5 Ways to Get Motivated to Clean
Getting motivated to clean isn't always easy. These 5 strategies will help you get your desire and effort back.

10 Ways to Prevent the Need for Deep Cleaning

Cleaning doesn't bother me, but deep cleaning...that takes a long time and involves real work.  So what if there was a way to prevent the need for deep cleaning?  These 10 tips will help you eliminate some of your deep cleaning.

Make Time for Deep Cleaning
Once you get all the basic cleaning done, there's still deep cleaning to do? So how do you schedule your deep cleaning when it feels like you don't have any time at all?

Top Cleaning Wipes
Cleaning quickly? Try some cleaning wipes to speed up your routine. These wipes combine convenience and cleaning power.

15 Ways to Make Time to Clean
We all love having a clean house, but making the time to clean can be difficult. Here are 15 simple ways to make time to clean.

Ways To Use a Timer When Cleaning House
Let's face it, sometimes we get bogged down in how much we have to clean. Using a timer in a few different ways, can motivate our cleaning, focus our cleaning, and provide direction we don't know what to clean.

Fake a Clean House
Unexpected guests are coming? Friends decide to pop in? You need to present the image of a clean house with only a few minutes to make it happen? These 8 steps will help you fake a clean house in minutes.

10 Ways To Get Motivated To Clean
Find 10 ways to get motivated to clean.

Ten Tips To Speed Clean
If you want to speed clean the house, these tips can help.

15 Minute Cleanups for Every Room
15 Minute Cleanups allow for a quick cleaning or maintenace cleaning inbetween more thorough cleanings. Find out how to clean any room in 15 minutes or less.

10 Household Chores and the Shortcuts You Need To Make Them Faster
Need to get things done quickly? There may be a shortcut for your least favorite chore.

Thirty 30 Second Chores Easy Chores to Accomplish in 30 Seconds
Can you really accomplish anything in 30 seconds. Find 30 chores you can do in half a minute. When you have no time to clean, you can still find time to accomplish these easy chores.

House Cleaning Party Plan Party Preparation Plan
Want to host a party? Worried about how to get your house in shape?

15 Minute Living Area Cleanup
At the end of the day, your living areas can look the way you feel. After a long day, fifteen quick minutes can make the difference between relaxing in a clean room, and stressing over a mess.

15 Minute Kid's Room Cleanup
Give your children the ultimate tool to help them clean up their rooms. Fifteen minutes daily, or even every other day will keep their bedrooms in shape without you getting bent out of shape. Show them how to save an entire Saturday spent digging through their room. Whether your children are preschoolers, or preteens, this quick guide will...

15 Minute Bedroom Cleanup
If you feel like you need an earthmover to find your bed each night, this fifteen minute guide to cleaning your bedroom may save your sanity (and your linens.) In a quarter of an hour you can have your room looking like the sanctuary it was designed for. Take the plunge and gain the tips, tools, and steps needed to take back your bedroom from...

Share Your Cleaning Playlist
What do you listen to when you clean and organize your home. See playlists from fellow readers and share your own.

Spring Clean Your Dining Room
Get your dining room in tip top shape with this spring cleaning guide.

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