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10 Ways to Prevent the Need for Deep Cleaning


Cleaning doesn't bother me, but deep cleaning...that takes a long time and involves real work.  So what if there was a way to prevent the need for deep cleaning?  These 10 tips will help you eliminate some of your deep cleaning.

1. Wipe up spills when they happen.

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One of the easiest ways to prevent the need for deep cleaning, is to clean up spills as they happen.  A fresh spill can take a few minutes to clean, while a dried one can take hours or even be impossible to fully clean away.  When you're in a rush, cleaning wipes can help to make these quick wipe ups all that much faster.

2. Manage clutter everytime you enter/exit a room.

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Taking time to clean up clutter on a weekly or monthly basis isn't enough.  To prevent these mega clutter sessions. take care of clutter on a daily basis.  Each time you enter or exit a room, find some clutter that you can easily toss or put away.  It won't add much to your day or workload, but will prevent a lot of work, later on.

3. Clean as you cook.

Cooking can actually turn a clean kitchen into a disaster area.  And when you are exhausted from preparing dinner, the last thing you want to do is cook up a storm.  So  instead, use those minutes in the kitchen as your cooking, to clean up those pesky cooking messes.

4. Sort mail and other papers daily.

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It's tempting to pile up the mail and other papers that enter our home for one large sorting session at the end of the week.  Instead, try taking a few minutes each day to deal with papers.  Open your mail near the trash can, so that it's easy to throw away the inevitable junk that finds its way into our homes.  Taking a few minutes each day to put mail and papers in their proper places, will prevent piles of papers from ever forming.

5. Sweep more often, especially after meals.

Want to reduce the dirt on all of your floors?  Sweeping entryways and eating areas only takes a few minutes, but prevents dirt from being tracked to all areas of your home.  Take a moment to sweep up messes on your hard surface floors and you'll actually reduce your need to mop significantly.

6. Use a doormat. Keep it clean

A set of good doormats is a necessity for every entrance to your home.  One doormat stays outside, with another just inside the door.  These two tools will drastically reduce the amount of dirt that enters your home.  Be sure to keep your doormats clean to prevent dirt from being tracked throughout your home.

7. Protect floors from damage by furniture, etc.

Prevent damage to wood and other hard surface floors by using felt protectors on the legs of your furniture.  You'll keep furniture from damaging your floors, ultimately saving yourself many hours and dollars spent on repairs.

8. Check weather stripping, screens, and filters.

Weather stripping around doors and windows, prevents dust and dirt from ever coming into your home.  Screens perform a similar function.  Air filters trap dirt particles from the air, improving the air quality and cleanliness of our home.  Take  a few moments to check, change, or repair these items. 

9. Protect surfaces from stains and damage.

Photo Credit: Steve Cole/Getty Images
Photo Credit: Steve Cole/Getty Images

Vases, decorative containers, candles, even small appliances can cause damage to our furniture, countertops, and more. Rubber disks and felt glides can be attached to the bottoms of everything from blenders to vases.  This will protect wood furniture, countertops, and any other surface that is at risk to be scratched, dented, stained and more.

10. Seal stone and grout surfaces.

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Sealing your stone and grout will prevent most of those deep stains that would require deep cleaning.  Unfortunately many of these stains can't be fully removed without further damaging the surfaces.  Prevent the need for restoration by sealing the stone, tile and/or grout.

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