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Make Time for Deep Cleaning


Making time to clean the basics, that is not a problem for you. But does it feel like that is all you ever have time for? Do you have some deep cleaning chores to do, but no time to fit them in? Find out how to make time for deep cleaning when you don't have extra time at all.

1. Take Time Off From Work

For a big job, sometimes a full day or more may be required. If you can utilize your weekends, that is great, but sometimes things spill over. If you need to reorganize the garage, revamp your filing system, clean out an attic, or any other time intensive jobs, try taking time off to give yourself a 3-4 day weekend to work with. Eliminate distractions by not answering your phone, email, text messages, etc if possible. Turn the work that you have to do into a full time job for a few days and you'll be surprised what you can accomplish.

2. Break a Big Job Up Into Small Jobs

Sometimes a big job is just too overwhelming. Try taking big jobs and breaking them down into smaller pieces. Decluttering and deep cleaning your living room may take 6-7 hours that you just don't have. But cleaning the ceiling fan might only take 15 minutes. Going through excess magazines might only take 5 minutes. Cleaning out a couch and vacuuming could be done in 20 minutes. Break the big stuff down into bite-sized chunks that can be tackled with only a little time.

3. Schedule Pieces of Jobs

Now that you have a long list of tons of little jobs, schedule them out. Maybe you only have an extra 15-30 minutes a day to devote to deep cleaning. Schedule your chores for the week and stick to the list. Adding a half hour onto your daily cleaning routine won't break you, and before you know it the deep cleaning will be done. The key is to write it down and plan it out.

4. Recruit Help

Call in the recruits. More people equals more work done. First go after the people you live with. Get them on board. Set aside some time for the family to work together. I am not above bribery. I've noticed that bribing myself to tackle difficult chores works well, so I'm perfectly happy bribing the entire family. We choose a reward for when we are done and get to work. Once we've tackled our goals, we get to enjoy a reward together.

5. Exchange Help

If you are lacking in the recruits, try exchanging help with a friend. Maybe you need to tackle your closet and they need to tackle their pantry. Exchange help and both of you can win. Schedule out a time to tackle the pantry together, and another time to tackle the closet. Working with someone can be much more motivating than working alone. And more hands make the work go faster. You have to be careful when exchanging help to make sure that the exchange is fair. If you have a 2 hour closet project you need help with, you'll be resentful to show up at your friend's house to realize her closet project is really a storage room with 20 years of stuff to go through. This works best with close friends and family.

6. Hire Help

If recruiting and exchanging aren't possible, you always have the old standby of hiring a housekeeper. Many maid services and housekeepers can be hired for limited one time cleaning jobs. Instead of tackling the carpet yourself,hire a professional. More and more companies offer deep cleaning services for floors, fixtures, and more. Contact a company and ask them for a quote on whatever it is you need deep cleaning. If your job is more of an organizing project, consider a professional organizer, or even an acquaintance who has a knack for clutter control. Try hiring out what needs to be done and you'll save your time for other pursuits.

7. Get a Babysitter

I know I told you to recruit help, but small children are rarely help when deep cleaning is involved. You can try to recruit the whole family to help, but if you have small children with small attention spans your momentum for cleaning will never get going. Try to see if grandma or another family member or friend would babysit, preferably not at your home. I've found if the kids are home and you are home, you will end up called in to referee, solve problems, etc. In a pinch you might be able to get a responsible teenager to come to your home as a mother's helper and take care of things while you work. This may be the only way to get any sustained deep cleaning accomplished.

8. Multitask

If it's hard to find time to deep clean an area in your home, you can always try multitasking. Listen to an audiobook you've been wanting to read as you sort through clothes in your closet. Catchup on your latest television shows, or movies while you sort items in boxes. Call and catch up with a friend or family member while you organize your files. Find ways to make your time count for more by multitasking while you clean.

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