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Cleaning Shortcuts, Speed Secrets, and Quick Cleanups


With time always short, we need to be able to find ways to do our jobs more quickly. This is certainly true in our cleaning regime. Luckily, there are shortcuts, tools and methods that will help you clean more quickly.
  1. 15-Minute Cleanups
  2. Cleaning Shortcuts
  3. Quick Cleaning Tips

15-Minute Cleanups

Each of the 15-minute cleanups can be used as a quick maintenance cleaning routine for the different rooms in your house. If this is the bare minimum that you can do, your home will still be ready to serve your family and welcome unexpected guests. Many of the cleanups are simple enough for children to use as a guide in their own cleaning.

Cleaning Shortcuts

Although the term shortcut often makes us think of an inferior attempt, these cleaning shortcuts can really reduce the amount of time and effort that cleaning takes. Find out some specific techniques for the basic jobs and tools that will really help your speed.

Quick Cleaning Tips

For nearly every job in your home, there's a little tip that will make it go faster. You'll find all of those tips here.

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