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Hoover Savvy Vacuum Cleaner Review

Hoover Savvy Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review

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Hoover Savvy

The Hoover Savvy Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The Hoover Company
The Hoover Savvy is a smart vacuum cleaner that offers unique options for consumers. With the options to be both bagged and bagless, the Hoover Savvy has given buyers a way to cancel that old debate. With Hoover's Windtunnel technology, a wide cleaning path, and an agressive dual agitator, the Savvy is a great option for cleaning.

Hoover Savvy Specifications

Amps= 12

Warranty= 1 year.

Cord Length= 31 ft.

Filtration= Pre Filter, HEPA Sealed Unit and Final Filter

Height Adjustment Settings= 3

Tools= Extension Wand, Crevice Tool, Furniture Nozzle Tool, Dusting Brush, Powered Hand Tool

Extras= Headlamp, Internal Thermal Protector, Bagged and Bagless Options, Two Agitators and Air Paths, On-Off Brush Roll for hard floors

Who Should Buy the Hoover Empower?

Homes with significant amounts of carpet will benefit from a decent price and excellent carpet cleaning ability due to the dual agitators, dual airpaths, and wide cleaning path. Homes in need of a variety of tools will love the options the Hoover Savvy offers, especially the powered hand tool (one of my favorite features.) Buyers looking for an option of bagged and bagless will enjoy the freedom of the Savvy's option.

Edited to Add:

Since my initial review, the belt issue with the Savvy has required further clarification. While the Savvy does not have a traditional belt that will break and cause a consumer to replace the belt, it does have a belt. Unfortunately if the Savvy's belt does break, it's not something a consumer can replace. The vacuum cleaner will have to be taken in for repair. While I've heard from several consumers who've had terrible times getting their vacuums up and running, I've heard from many who love their Savvy.

Impressive Features for the Hoover Savvy

Carpet Cleaning Power

The Hoover Savvy is great on carpet. The dual agitators works the carpet nicely and loosens dirt, allowing it to be sucked up easily.

HEPA Filtration

The Hoover Savvy has a teflon coated HEPA filter that will last for up to three years and remove 100% of dust mites and their eggs. It also removes up to 99.98% of ragweed and common grass pollens.

Hoover Savvy and Tools

The Hoover Savvy comes with a dusting brush tool and furniture nozzle tool. The crevice tool and extension wand fit inside of each other for storage. The powered hand tool is a great addition and did a fabulous job on upholstery and my carpeted stairs, and unlike the Hoover Empower , the powered hand tool has a storage place on the unit.

Bagged and Bagless

The Hoover Savvy has a bagged and bagless capability. Slide one dirt container in for the bagless option. If you prefer bagged pickup, slide another in that has a bag connected to it. For those people who need to protect their breathing with a good quality bagged model, but occasionally run out of bags, this is a great option.

What is Lacking From the Hoover Savvy

Hoover WindTunnel Power

The Savvy has a lot of options and does a great job, but is still not quite as powerful at picking up dirt as the Hoover WindTunnel.

Bulky and Heavy

The Savvy is tall and lacks the fold down handle of the Hoover Empower, as well as the self-propelled option of the WindTunnel. It's not the heaviest of vacuums on the market, but is a bit of a chore to lift up and down the stairs. Like the WindTunnel it is tall and doesn't easily fit into small closets.

Maintenance for the Savvy

Filter Maintenance

The Pre-Filter will need to be brushed, washed, and dried. The Hepa Filter may need to have dirt knocked from it by tapping the filter housing. Replace after three years. The final filter may need to be washed and dried thoroughly. If it is ripped it too will need replacing.


If the headlamp burns out, a replacement can be ordered from Hoover.

Brush Roll

The brush roll may need to be replace when bristle are worn down or break off. Keep the brush roll free of debris and strings. Make sure you turn off and unplug the Hoover Savvy before checking or touching the brush roll.

Bottom Line for the Hoover Savvy

The Hoover Savvy is a good vacuum cleaner and may help families that can't choose between bagged and bagless. It works carpet nicely and has some nice standard features. As a between model for Hoover's Empower and Windtunnel, this vacuum cleaner will surely find its niche.

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 3 out of 5
found mine in the Trash, Member ViVaAli

I was wondering why someone would throw a perfectly good vacuum away and now I know why... so far I been using it for a about a week and haven't had any problems yet... knew it was too good to be true. Keeping my old Hoover as back up..

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