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The Hoover Floor Mate

Hoover Floor Mate A Hard Surface Floor Cleaner

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Hoover Floor Mate

The Hoover Floor Mate is designed to clean hard surface floors.

The Hoover Floor Mate is a hard surface floor cleaner designed to vacuum, mop, and dry a floor all in one machine. Looking like a combination of an upright vacuum cleaner, and a carpet cleaner, the Hoover Floor Mate offers convenience for hard surface floor cleaning.

Hoover Floor Mate Specifications

Cord Length=27 inches

Number of Tanks=2

Capacity= 1 oz.

Number of Brushes SpinScrub 500=6 spin brushes with removable squeegee. SpinScrub 800= 7 spin brushes with removable squeegee.

Tools and Accessories SpinScrub 800 has portable kit with extension wand, attachment hose, grout brush, and grout tool.

Solution Floor Mate Floor to Floor Hard Floor Cleaner and Hoover Floor Mate Grout Cleaner

Cleaning Nozzle SpinScrub 500= 13 inch and SpinScrub 800=15 inch.

Hoover Floor Mate as a Vacuum

Instead of a separate vacuum cleaner, you can use the Hoover Floor Mate to vacuum your hard surface flooring by switching the dial to dry vac. The vacuum function on the Floor Mate is not at the same level as an upright vacuum cleaner. It has decent suction, but the squeegee and furniture guards make it difficult for the Floor Mate to pick up large debris. Although the Floor Mate has a low enough profile to fit under kitchen and bathroom cabinets, its edge cleaning while vacuuming is not that great. With toddlers constantly spilling, tracking, and creating dirt, I found it necessary to sweep a floor first before using the Floor Mate to vacuum up small piles of dirt. Pushing down on the Floor Mate will allow the nozzle to lift up slightly, allowing larger pieces to be picked up.

Hoover Floor Mate as a Mop

Where the Hoover Floor Mate really shines is in its washing abilities. In the wash mode, press the trigger to release cleaning solution while brushes spin at a revolution of 350 revolutions per minute. When tested on tile, hardwood, and vinyl flooring the Hoover Floor Mate did a great job of scrubbing away dirt from the floor. The proof came in the form of the dirty water collection tank. There was a great satisfaction in knowing that the dirty water was being sucked up into the tank instead of being swirled around the floor with a traditional mop. Some stuck on foods required more pass overs by the Hoover Floor Mate, but overall simply pushing the unit back and forth across the floor while occasionally pressing the trigger, will clean your floor.

Hoover Floor Mate in Wet Pickup Mode

So after you mop and scrub a floor, you have to post guards to keep pets, children, and significant others from ruining your hard work. The wet pickup mode on the Hoover Floor Mate eliminates the need to yell "The floor is wet." Going back over the floor in this mode allows the floor to dry much more quickly. It really does suck up excess water, which is especially nice on our sealed hardwood floors, where pools of water can spell danger to this investment. I was surprised to see that by the time I was on the second half of the floor, the first 1/2 was already dry. The Wet Pickup Mode can also be used to suck up small spills.
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Two in a row didn't dispense cleaning fluid, Member hds1200c

This machine is a piece of c***. The first one I bought didn't dispense cleaning fluid. Returned to store. Ordered another one online. Still didn't dispense fluid. Plus it would shut off and on even though the plug was pushed in tight. The dial was flimsy and seemed worn out. Considering it was new that really surprised me. I never got to try it out to see if it actually cleaned the floors. I can't say I would trust Hoover ever again. Don't buy this junk.

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