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The Hoover Floor Mate

More Features of the Hoover FloorMate

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Hoover FloorMate

Hoover FloorMate Hard Surface Cleaner


What The Hoover FloorMate Has To Offer


The folding handle makes the Hoover FloorMate very compact for storage. If fits in a closet with plenty of room to hang clothes, or fill shelves above it. The portable detail kit fits compactly over the Hoover FloorMate and does a good job of holding any and all accessories for cleaning including bottles of cleaning solution. The tanks are easy to remove, fill, empty, and clean. The most convenient part of the Hoover FloorMate is that I get a super clean without getting on my hands and knees.


With the unit itself, there is a choice of two different sets of brushes that attach to the nozzle, one being a special grout brush. With the portable detail kit, there is an extendable handle, a suction hose, a grout cleaning brush, and a grout detailing brush. This makes cleaning behind a toilet, or between cabinetry simple. Try using the detail kit on shower doors, on your tub, behind the toilet, or between the washer and dryer. The Hoover FloorMate has the option of using Hoover's Floor to Floor Hard Floor Cleaning Solution or the Hoover Grout Cleaner for cleaning grout. With the extensive furniture guards, and rubber wheels you can use the Hoover FloorMate on a large variety of surfaces without damage.

What Is Lacking with the Hoover FloorMate?

Hoover Floor Mate

The Hoover Floor Mate is designed to clean hard surface floors.


The dry pickup is decent on the FloorMate but not outstanding. Many people may find it necessary to sweep or remove large debris before using the dry pickup option.


The clean water tank for the Hoover FloorMate could hold more in my opinion. The dirty recovery tank has an automatic shut-off feature which, when activated, prevents the pickup of any more liquid. When it activates, it's time to turn of the machine and dump the dirty water.


Compared to what we may be used to paying to mop our floors, the price of the Hoover FloorMate (SpinSrub 500 at around $169 and SpinScrub 800 at around $229) may be a large chunk of change. Buyers with only small areas of hard surface floors may not feel the price is justified, but for those people with extensive tile, marble, sealed hardwood, laminate, vinyl and ceramics, the ease of use and results may make up for a hefty price tag.

Maintenance for the Hoover FloorMate

The Filter

The filter that sits in the top of the Hoover FloorMate dirty water recovery tank is washable. Tap the filter to remove debris and/or rinse it. Allow it to dry thoroughly before replacing and using.

Nozzle, Brushes, and Tools

The nozzle, brushes, tools, and hose are removable and can be cleaned in mild detergent. I found that anytime the hose was used, there was debris that needed to be wiped away from the place where the hose connected into the unit.

The Tanks

Both Hoover FloorMate tanks may need to be rinsed and cleaned, but especially the dirty water recovery tank needs to be rinsed and cleaned. To avoid smells and other unpleasantness take the time to rinse out the tank after using, just as you would a mop bucket or sink.

Hoover FloorMate Floor to Floor Cleaning Solution

I loved the Hoover FloorMate Floor Cleaning Solution . It doesn't take a lot to provide cleaning power. The solution has a fresh, mild scent without being overpowering. It does not leave a film on floors when they are dry preventing the attraction of dirt and grime. The grout cleaner with the Hoover FloorMate did a good job of brightening grout between tiles and rinsed away well, although with a more powerful scent.

Buy the Hoover FloorMate If...

A significant portion of your home is hard surface floors that could benefit from the Hoover FloorMate.

Mopping or scrubbing floors while hunched over or on your hands and knees is hard or impossible for your body.

You need a convenient all in one tool to clean your hard surface floors.

You hate the idea of swishing dirty water around your floor while you are mopping and love the idea of Hoover FloorMate dirty water recovery tank.

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 1 out of 5
Two in a row didn't dispense cleaning fluid, Member hds1200c

This machine is a piece of c***. The first one I bought didn't dispense cleaning fluid. Returned to store. Ordered another one online. Still didn't dispense fluid. Plus it would shut off and on even though the plug was pushed in tight. The dial was flimsy and seemed worn out. Considering it was new that really surprised me. I never got to try it out to see if it actually cleaned the floors. I can't say I would trust Hoover ever again. Don't buy this junk.

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