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Before You Buy an Upright Vacuum Cleaner


A vacuum cleaner is one of the most expensive cleaning tools we have. Choosing one that will accomplish the necessary cleaning of your home can be confusing. Here are some extra things to look for before you buy an upright vacuum cleaner.

Choose Lightweight or Heavyweight

The vacuum industry is making great strides in creating very powerful vacuum cleaners that weigh much less. Look into the lightweight options to find vacuum cleaners that will be easier to push, carry, and store. However, many full-sized models come with more of the features consumers are searching for. It may be more difficult to find as many bells and whistles on the lightweight models. Check out features vs. weight to choose the right model for you.

Bagged or Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaners

There's a certain satisfaction in watching the clear dust cup of a bagless model fill up with dirt and debris. Bagless models use a series of filters to trap dirt in a dust cup while allowing air to pass through the machine. However, they can be messy to empty. Bagged upright vacuum cleaners use the bags as a filter to trap the dirt. Many bagged models now include a full bag indicator light to help consumers remember to change the bag.

Upright Vacuum Cleaner Filtration

The entire point of having a vacuum cleaner is the removal of dirt from our homes. A proper filtration system does everything it can to make sure that as little dirt as possible is exhausted back into your air. Finding out about the filtration system is especially important to families with allergies or breathing problems. Similarly, a good filtration system will protect the machine and extend its life.

Power, Suction, and Edge Cleaning

We all need power in our vacuum. Researching the power, suction and edge cleaning abilities of a vacuum cleaner are critical to making sure that it will perform at the level you need. Read vacuum cleaner reviews or ask friends for recommendations. Check the amps of the vacuum cleaner. Find out the airwatts to get a good indication of suction power.

Maintenance and Storage for Upright Vacuum Cleaners

It's important to find out exactly what kind of maintenance a new vacuum cleaner will require. How often will belts, filters, and other items need to be cleaned and/or replaced? How much do common replacement parts cost? Also consider where the vacuum cleaner will be stored to make sure it will fit.

Extra Features and Tools on Upright Vacuum Cleaners

As consumer we often go for the deluxe models of everything. The same is true of our housekeeping gadgets. Find the extra tools and features you need, and ditch the ones you don't. A self-propelled vacuum cleaner may sound like a dream, but they are actually very heavy to lift. Ten different tools and wands may seem like a plus, but if you rarely use tools, they may just be an extra headache to keep up with. Choose a vacuum with the features you want without the extras you don't need.

Warranty and Quality of Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Find out what the manufaturer's warranty is for the new vacuum, and if the place of purchase extends that warranty. When you've finally found your dream vacuum, make sure you know what rules need to be followed for service and warranty. Double check reviews and opinions on the vacuum cleaner you've chosen.
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