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Should I choose an Upright Vacuum Cleaner or a Cansister Vacuum Cleaner?


Question: Should I choose an Upright Vacuum Cleaner or a Cansister Vacuum Cleaner?
In the past there was a clear distinction between upright vacuum cleaners and canister vacuum cleaners. If you wanted a vacuum cleaner that worked best on carpet, you chose an upright vacuum cleaner. If you wanted a cleaner for hard surfaces, you chose a canister vacuum cleaner. That distinction is more blurry today as both types of vacuum cleaners are trying to bridge the gap to become more multipurpose. Still each type offers pros and cons for the vacuum shopper to consider.

Benefits of Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Most upright vacuum cleaners still have an edge over cleaning carpet as opposed to canister vacs. They tend to be less expensive than canister vacuums and are more compact and easier to store. More tools and options are now becoming available on upright vacuum cleaners. Upright vacuum cleaners are further divided into bagged and bagless types. Features and options may include dirt sensors, wide cleaning paths, unique tools, self-propelled motors, on/off brush roll, height adjustment and several filter types. Height adjustment, on/off brush roll, and tool options are making upright vacuum cleaners useful for cleaning hard surfaces.

Benefits of Canister Vacuum Cleaners

Canister vacuum cleaners may be more expensive generally, but they also provide a quieter cleaning experience. Canister vacuums usually offer a nice variety of tools that work well in many varied areas of the home. Canister vacuums are especially effective on hard surfaces, and prevent dirt scattering that may be a problem with some upright vacuum cleaners. Because of their tool based focus, canister vacuum cleaners can be a great option for cleaning stairs and hard to reach areas.
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