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Review of Eureka Optima Lightweight Bagless Eureka Vacuum Cleaner

Review of the Eureka Optima Lightweight Bagless Eureka Vacuum Cleaner

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The Eureka Optima

The Eureka Optima

Electrolux Home Care Products North America
The Eureka Optima is a compact lightweight vacuum cleaner with a lot of power.

Specifications of the Eureka Optima

Amps= 12

Weight= 11 lbs or 4.98 kilos.

Warranty= 1 year

Cord Length= 20 ft. or 6.1 meters

Filters= 1 washable, pleated filter

Height Adjustment Settings= 0

Tools= Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush

Extras= On/Off Brushroll, Ergonomical Handle, Telescoping Handle, Suction Control Knob for Tools, Bagless, Stair Cleaning Handle

Impressive Features of the Eureka Optima

The Eureka Optima's Handle

Eureka Optima's ergonomical, telescoping handle.

Sarah Aguirre
The Eureka Optima's Handle

The Eureka Optima's handle is looped and adjustable to more than eight different heights. This came in handy when my seven year old wanted to try to vacuum. On the lowest handle setting, vacuuming was easy for him. The looped design of the handle makes any angle of vacuuming more comfortable and controlled. With the handle down, the Optima is compact and easy to store. It can easily fit in a coat closet with room for coats to hang above.

Eureka Optima's Suction Power

The Eureka Optima has real cleaning power. I was actually very pleasantly surprised to see a lightweight that had just as much or more cleaning power than bulkier full-size uprights. The brushroll and suction power have the ability to clean dirt, pet hair, and debris. The edge and corner cleaning abilities of this vacuum cleaner are amazing. I rarely had to go back along edges or in corners with the cleaning hose.

Tools and Hose

The Optima's hose is clear, has a large diameter, and is crush resistant. A suction control knob switches power to the hose for above the ground cleaning. With the lightweightness of the Optima, vacuuming the stairs was a breeze.

Versatility on Carpet and Hard Floors

This vacuum cleaner did a fantastic job on carpet. By using the on/off brushroll switch, the Eureka Optima also was fantastic on hardwood, vinyl, and tile floors. The bottom of the cleaner has a line of rubber behind the brush roll that keeps dirt from being blown around on hard surface floors.


The Eureka Optima is a bagless vacuum cleaner that uses a pleated filter and full size dirt cup. Don't worry that the compactness of the vacuum cleaner means the dirt cup is teeny. It holds just as much dirt as a full-size vacuum cleaner.

No Tipping

The Eureka Optima will not tip over when you use the tools. With the handle down, the Optima can be pulled around behind you without tipping over. I tried to tip the vacuum over while using the tools, but the hose attachment is so low on the body of the vacuum that it would not fall. Anyone who has ever been hit in the head by a vacuum cleaner while vacuuming under furniture will appreciate this feature.

Maintenance for the Eureka Optima Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka Optima Suction Contol Knob

The suction control for the hose.

Sarah Aguirre
The Eureka Optima will need the filter to be brushed off or washed periodically. The pleated filter can be washed up to 6 times before it needs to be replaced. Remove the filter from the lid of the dust cup and gently wash in warm water with a mild detergent. Filters should be replaced at least every six months. A new filter costs under ten dollars. The dirt cup can also be washed out with mild detergent.

The brushroll will need to have hair and debris cleaned off occasionally.

User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
, Member earthlandsea

I love my Eureka Optima Lightweight! I have been unhappy with all the other vaccum cleaners I have ever had until I came upon Eureka Optima. I am on my second, and will buy another after this one is broke down. I have been so worried about it being discontinued; it seems like every time I like something they get rid of it at the stores. This vaccum is like having a full size vaccum in a little vaccum's body. Please don't ever get rid of this vaccum! I'm in LOVE!!!

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