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Review of Eureka Optima Lightweight Bagless Eureka Vacuum Cleaner

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The Eureka Optima

The Eureka Optima.

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What Is Lacking From the Eureka Optima?


There is no complicated filtration system like a HEPA for allergy sufferers. The only filtration is the pleated filter which can be very messy to clean off.

Width of Cleaning

The width of the cleaning path, like most lightweights is smaller than a full-size, but may actually benefit consumers who need to be able to manuever a vacuum cleaner in tight spaces.


The air blowing back out into the room is just as powerful as the suction of the vacuum. The exhaust blows out in front of the vacuum, which can be annoying when papers start flying around the room.

The Wheels

The two front wheels on the Eureka Optima are almost nonexistent. Vacuuming on high pile carpet with no height adjustment may take extra effort. Low pile carpeting and hard surface floors are easier to clean.

Recommendations for the Eureka Optima

Eureka Optima Brushroll

Eureka Optima's Brushroll

Sarah Aguirre
The Eureka Optima is a perfect choice for those seeking a lightweight vacuum cleaner with great cleaning power. Apartment/condo residents will benefit from the compact easy storage. Elders who need a versatile lightweight machine will enjoy the fact that the Optima weighs 1/2 of a normal sized upright. This vacuum cleaner would also be a great option for people seeking a second vacuum cleaner to be used by even young members of a household for quick pickups.

The Bottom Line for the Eureka Optima

The Eureka Optima is a powerful vacuum with a compact design. It looks, works, and stores great. The extra features will give full-size uprights a run for their money. This is definitely a vacuum to seriously consider for people who need a lightweight model that cleans like a full-size champion.

Availability for the Eureka Optima

Eureka Optima

Height adjustment is a big plus for the Optima.

Sarah Aguirre
The Eureka Optima is scheduled to be available in June of 2005 at Kmart, Lowe's, and Best Buy stores. Its suggested retail price is 79.99.
User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
, Member earthlandsea

I love my Eureka Optima Lightweight! I have been unhappy with all the other vaccum cleaners I have ever had until I came upon Eureka Optima. I am on my second, and will buy another after this one is broke down. I have been so worried about it being discontinued; it seems like every time I like something they get rid of it at the stores. This vaccum is like having a full size vaccum in a little vaccum's body. Please don't ever get rid of this vaccum! I'm in LOVE!!!

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