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Desk Cleaning

Share Your Story: Before and After Cleaning and Organizing Projects

By Niffer

Desk Cleaning

Before: the desk is covered with clutter.

Desk Cleaning

After: Neatly organized and clean.

Describe the Cleaning Project

Clearing/Cleaning my desk

Tackling the Cleaning Project

I spent about 2 hours cleaning and organizing the desk(but that include filing a ton of paperwork). There was a lot of stuff on the desk, but there was even more in the desk to be cleaned out. I wanted to set a good example for my munchkins, too. I expect them to clean up/put away toys or crafts when they are done using them... why should it be different for me?

Tips and Tricks

  • Sheer determination! Also waiting till my munchkins were napping helped.

Sarah Aguirre, About.com Housekeeping, says:

What a great job! This motivated me to go and tackle my desk, to.

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