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Game Closet Makeover

Share Your Story: Before and After Cleaning and Organizing Projects

By sardi

Game Closet Makeover

This game closet is a wreck that nobody can get anything out of.

Game Closet Makeover

This game closet is actually usable.

Describe the Cleaning Project

Cleaning out the game closet.

Tackling the Cleaning Project

I started by removing everything from the closet. All the boxes were stacked neatly, all the small pieces were put in a pile to be sorted out to their appropriate boxes. Next I got rid of games we no longer wanted to keep. I also got rid of the ones that were missing too many pieces. (Although if you want to keep them, a lot of the manufacturer's websites, sell replacement pieces.) Next I added some shelving inside the closet and began to put everything back in. Now it is possible to actually get to everything without making a huge pile fall down.

Tips and Tricks

  • Take everything out of the closet, first. This helps you get a better idea of where everything is going to go.

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