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Readers Respond: Top Tips for Getting Motivated to Clean House

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Just because the house needs to be cleaned, doesn't mean we feel like doing it. Somedays, the motivation to clean just isn't there. So how do you motivate yourself to clean when you don't feel like doing the work? Share your best tips.

Get cleaning

You have to start cleaning and tidying the moment you are in the mood to because if you wait until you have finished your coffee or watched that program you will have lost the little motivation you had.
—Guest Fiona


I am staring to turn into a hoarder and it scares the h--- out of me.
—Guest connie

"10-Second Tidy"

In taking cues from that show "Molly and the Big Comfy Couch", I see how much I can clean in 10 seconds or one minute and repeat those time intervals until everything is done. It gives me a time limit and motivation to keep cleaning.
—Guest Abby

Refusing to turn on the TV

I will listen to music, but I won't let myself turn on the TV until I have completed most of my list of cleaning chores for that Saturday. This motivates me to keep going and finish so I can watch some much adored HGTV and see all their clean houses while sitting in my freshly cleaned house!

Selling House

I pretend my house is up for sale and I picture a prospective buyer inspecting it. It really focuses the mind.
—Guest sheelagh

Motivation to clean

When I'm really not feeling it, I sit down for 10 minutes and flick through a home decorating book or magazine. Seeing the beautiful homes motivates me to clean mine. Or I read some organization books.
—Guest Leona

Watching Hoarders

I watch "Hoarders" on A+E. It makes you leap up out of your chair and start cleaning...so your house won't turn into a pigsty.


Dean Martin music. Try it and see for yourself! You'll not only be cleaning but singing with him and dancing.
—Guest EmmaPeel

Hoarding Shows

If I am not feeling up to clean up the clutter and dust that I usually ignore- I watch 15 minutes of any of the Hoarding reality shows. I do not want to end up like that- I run happily to clean, purge and feel happy doing it!
—Guest Naomi


Music would have to be my biggest motivation, something i can dance to a little bit while cleaning up. I like to keep moving with positive thoughts.
—Guest jessica

Go to bed!

About an hour before I go to bed, I go through the house and clean. And my motivation is, if you want to get to bed, you have to clean!
—Guest Katy


I have found that the best way to get started is to jump right in, sometimes as soon as I think about it, but usually the second or third time. I don't want to put any thought into it-the thought crosses my mind and I hibernate the computer where it is, or carry the cup being held up to my face into the room I want to clean, as though I am using the restroom or answering to an elder who has called out my name. This way can leave me lacking motivation to finish but once I've started all there is to it is to do it, again with as little thought into it as possible. Sometimes odds and ends are set aside until the next day, to be put into their proper rooms and places. I have found that this method often feels like "me-time" because my thoughts are virtually forced to wander. I think of what my hands are doing as my own unique craft, I'm creating a work of art, an expression of my individuality. It takes that much because sometimes I would just as soon ignore the grime.
—Guest Sharon


I always find that once I've started to clean, it is best for me not to stop until I'm done. Each day I do the quick tidy up and dust/wipe/vacuum, but once a week I start in one room and just continue through the house. I motivate myself by then treating myself to dinner with friends, or renting a film with the family. Definitely works!
—Guest Katy

One thing at a time...

For me I find that when my house is a mess, all I need to do is clean one area - whether it be the kitchen table, or the sink, or a certain corner. Once I do that the clean area motivates me to keep it going! (even at 39 weeks pregnant!)
—Guest Jenna

morning shower

A morning shower and a light breakfast make it easier to get started. Doing what I don't like to do first also helps
—Guest sunshinehappy1927

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