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Readers Respond: How Much Do You Pay Kids for Chores?

Responses: 87


Chore Money $

I have 5 out of 7 kids doing chores. Their ages are 9,7,5,3,3 my others are 7mths. The kids doing chores will receive how ever much i think is reasonable for what they have done. My 9yr old girl, does chores like: clean her room, sweep the kitchen and hallway, wipe the table down after each meal, help mom or dad fold laundry, clean up any of her own mess. For my 7yr old girl: she has to clean own room, dust the downstairs, help clean up the babies toys, feed the dog. That is mostly their daily chores. They all do them with out complaints! I have also made up a chart for them, so they can check off each chore that they do. The nine-year-old helps out a lot and normally gets around 10-17 a week! She saved it up and now I take her out every other week to the dollar store or anywhere that has some little things. They really enjoy it! But, I have some rules. They all have a jar with 3 marbles. If they're bad then I take a marble out. If they don't have any left, then they only get half of their money.
—Guest Kim

Unfair :(

I'm 13yrs old and I have to cook every meal, keep the kitchen, my room, the laundry and 1 living room clean everyday. I get $20 a week. Plus, I have to do my neighbor's garden to get $20. So, I get $40 a week total, but there are 7 kids in my family. I do EVERYTHING! I just want to relax and have fun like them.
—Guest Emily


I want to get paid a few bucks a week because I don't get paid anything right now for any chores. Also, I really like art and there are some paintings that I might want to buy from the store along with some art supplies. (: I really need some glitter right now for a project at school.
—Guest You don't need to know my name.


I am happy for what I get for doing chores. I get a dollar each day, so $7.00 a week. I'm 9 years old. That's fair.
—Guest Moziah

Need help

I have parents that won't give me or my brothers an allowance. How can I convince them to give us one?
—Guest Need help

20 a week

I get 20 dollars a week .10 from dad. 10 from mom, because I am 10.
—Guest In

10-20 a week

I get paid around 10-20 dollars a week since I'm the only kid in my family that does chores. We keep the chores I do on a chart. Oh, and depending on the chore, I get to pick if I want to do it. My brothers and I usually have to do the dishes no matter what.
—Guest ClaireBear17

Good Amount

I get 20 dollars a week for doing 14 chores a week.
—Guest CrazyKid

fair enough...

i get $2 an hour for easy household chores, and $5 for washing 1 car, mowing my GIANT yard, raking my GIANT yard, or shoveling my GIANT yard and driveway.
—Guest fluffy the unicorn

I get £2.50 a week!

I get £2.50 a week! And some of you are complaining that you *only* get £10 a week. Stop being so ungrateful! Plus I have to do lots of jobs... making my bed every morning, drying the pots on weekdays, cleaning the hamster cage out and changing mine and my sister's beds on alternate weeks! So stop moaning! Its would be great to get £10 a week for me, since my family is not exactly rich, in fact its the complete opposite! :-( ....
—Guest Emma

No money!

i am 12 and I get nothing. I feed 3 dogs and 4 goats and clean their pens.
—Guest fred

12 Year Old Chores

I am 12 and I get $12 a week for unpacking the dishwasher and making my bed. On Wednesdays I take out the rubbish. I can earn extra money though. If i pick up the dog's poo, mow the front, and mow the back lawn i get $12. I think this is fair.
—Guest a random person

How much?

I'm 12 and looking for a way to earn money FAST! My mom wants me to start doing chores. I'm fine with that, but she hasn't given me a list yet! Should I make up my own list or wait for her? How much should I get per chore? Normally, I mow the grass, take out the trash, get the mail, bring in the trash cans, do laundry, unload/load the dishwasher, vacuum my room and downstairs, mop, dust, clean bathrooms, clean windows, keep my room clean, make my bed, rake leaves, etc etc etc!!! I do a lot around the house and never get paid! How much would you pay a week if I do all that?
—Guest Soccer Gal

Chores and getting paid.

I'm 10 years old and I get paid on what chores I do. I have to do things like cleaning walls in house to earn $30. If I clean the bathroom and my room I get $5. If i rake leaves all week I get $70. p.s. I never rake all week, LOL.
—Guest Who!

How much I get

I'm 12 years old and I only get $15.00 a week! My parents have a lot of money and I know I'm not that old, but my sister is 18 years old and she gets $40.00 a week! Shouldn't I be getting half as much as her?
—Guest SSSS

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