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Readers Respond: How Much Do You Pay Kids for Chores?

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Well I don't really get paid, but I still have to do chores. But sometimes I get lazy after awhile, but i will always still do it.
—Guest tatianna leon

Pocket Money

i get €12 a week, because I'm 12. My sister only gets €9 a week, because she's 9.
—Guest lauren


I only get $10 A WEEK. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
—Guest Guest

Chores & Allowance

My sister and I never got money for doing chores, they were just expected of us. I have just started earning allowance because I am saving up for a Mother's Day gift, and it will be more fulfilling for me if I buy it with my own money. The way my dad and I have figured it out is that each job gets money. It's not a lot of money that my dad has to pay me, but it just makes things easier for me. for cleaning my room, washing less than 10 dishes, etc., it's less than $1. But for cleaning the bathroom completely (and I mean everything) it's $1.00. I thought it was kind of cheap for him to do that, but I mean he's the boss lol :) My sister is 17 and I'm 12 if that helps. I think that giving kids chores and paying them weekly is a good all around choice though.
—Guest Lovely


I am a divorced mother of an 18yr old, who unfortunately acts as if she's 13. She does do her chores when she is asked, although most of the time they are done at the last minute, and some of the time they are not done properly. I get $150.00 a week in child support of which she thinks she should get $50 a week regardless of whether or not she does her chores. I do believe in paying her for the chores that she does, as long as they are done in a timely manner and done right. Growing up, I had chores, but did not get paid. I did them because I lived there, and was expected to help. Iwould get money if I was going out, or needed it for something. My daughter not only expects her allowance, but also expects me to pay for her $50 cell phone bill. How can I explain to her that she should save some of her money each week to pay for her cell bill, since she thinks it's my responsibility?
—Guest Dia's mom


I am a 12 year old girl, I do quite a few chores and will do more. My parents don't think I should get an allowance because as children they never got pocket money. But I think it's reasonable if i do 12 chores a week, then I should earn $6 (because 12 divided by 2= 6). I also have 3 siblings, a 5 year old boy, 8 year old boy, and a 14 year old girl. The boys don't do much. How to you get them to do more?
—Guest Someone

My kids do chores every day!

I have 3 children 5,7,10. They have daily chores that they need to do(like feed dogs, set/clear table, help w/laundry, take trash out/sort recyclables.) They also need to keep their rooms tidy within reason (it's their own space not mine-but the vacum needs to be able to come through and they can not make the family late for things because they can't find stuff. If it's not spotless but doesn't affect the family, I do not choose it as a battle). Now, before TV or playing outside, or play dates/sleepovers, going to Cub Scouts, or getting dessert...whatever it is they are going to want that evening...they need to have chores done! It's that simple. They need to do chores because we are a family and all live here and it shouldn't be only me doing all the work. They do get pocket money each week but that is completely separate. But remember, they won't go to the movies, or store (wherever they will want to spend that $) until chores are done!
—Guest Jericho

Learn to Earn Budget

My parents started when I was 5 and assigned each chore a price expl: $1.00/week for rooms kept clean, $1.00/wk for dishes cleared/washed, 5.0 for lawn mowing. I was able to stack up my chores until it I was paid $40.0 /week (we had 2 houses and horses - so lots to clean). I know it sounds like a lot of $$ but my parents would also deduct the cost (at a discounted rate) of some of the “luxury” items I wanted - especially in my teens. Expl. - Extra-long phone calls. I found out later that they had put the money in a savings account for me. I used towards a summer program in France & to buy my first car! Thanks mom & dad it was a great way to learn to make money but that I had to budget for things I wanted. One suggestion - Children, especially those under the age of 8, should NOT be given the task of pet care without supervision! Caring for a pet, any size or type is a huge responsibility and should always be monitored by a parent. If a parent is not willing to do so than they.
—Guest Sara


We give our children $1./week x's their age. Our son is 8 years old so he gets $8./week. Our daughter is 4 years old so she gets $4./week. They have to tithe 10% of what they earn. If they want something that costs more than what they have, then we tell them if they save up half of what they need, then we will match it. This has worked really well. Our son, who is NOT a saver by nature, has actually learned that it is rewarding to save. Last year he wanted a Nintendo DS, and actually saved half the amount, so we paid the other half as a reward for saving so long. I believe in allowance, because it teaches children at a young age, the value of money and hard work.
—Guest Holly

My thoughts

For some time now I have used a chore chart with our daughter. On it are things like: make bed, violin practice, dishwasher, putting clothes away, tidying up, extra. For each task you complete each day you get a tick. At the end of the week 15 ticks = 70 cents, 20 ticks = a lunch order, 25 ticks = $2. Her week ran Friday to Thursday, that way if she had completed enough chores she would have money for the canteen or a lunch order. If she hadn't acquired enough ticks then she went without. These holidays I am sitting down with her to go through the chore chart and rewards as she is now 7 getting a better concept of money. And I want her to start learning how to save. She knows that sometimes Mum & Dad are a bit short of money so on those weeks I write a note on the fridge of how much we owe her.
—Guest Kelly

Pocket Money

I have an 18 yr old and a 13 yr old, both girls, who are expected to help out around the house regularly. Things like washing the dishes, cleaning rooms (kitchen, living room etc) and folding and washing their own laundry. If they have helped enough and done everything expected then we give them pocket money, but only if they've earned it. My 13 yr old currently gets $15 a week if she does her chores, and my 18 yr old gets $40 because we know she is trying to save money to move out.
—Guest anonymous

responsibilty with money

We have 5 kids. There are jobs that are expected of them for which, until recently, they do not get paid because they are a part of the family. We have just started giving an allowance, because I want them to learn how to be responsible with money. They have to save some of this, set aside some for charity, and some they can spend however they want. We have just come through a rather difficult financial time, and the kids understand that allowance is based both on chores, and on availability. We also have "the job file" - a number of extra jobs with set amounts to be paid if they want to earn extra money. for instance, cleaning out and tidying the tupperware drawer is $1.50 (one of the easier jobs) wiping down all the kitchen cabinets is $3, and cleaning the venetian blinds is $1/ blind.
—Guest Sarah


i give my three beautiful boys $35 a week. Do you think that's too much? Just wondering.
—Guest brit

pocket money

my husband and I have had different ideas about giving pocket money. I was brought up with pocket money therefore believe in it....but it is not tied to chores. chores are an expected part of being a family. Everyone pitches in, somedays are more tricky than others to get the kids to do the work. The other thing..the kids know that if the money is tight they too have to curb on pocket money. The kids also are in the habit of buying their own movie treats when we go out, we buy the tickets and they buy their treats. Everyone is raised different and that will influence our own view of money and chores, we can only do what we each believe it the correct way.
—Guest ela

Chore help

If you have an iPad, there is an App that can help with organizing kids and their chores. Also has a checkbook window that gives them some accounting training! http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ichores/id398902259?mt=8 iChores
—Guest Ron J.
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