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Readers Respond: How Much Do You Pay Kids for Chores?

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Some kids get an allowance that is tied to their chores. No chores, no allowance. Other kids don't get paid, but are still expected to do chores. How do you handle allowance and chores in your family?

Payment for Chores

I will start chores and allowance with my 3 and 4 year old. They will be doing simple things like making beds, putting clothes away, and cleaning up toys. They will be getting the amount of their age a week. I will be teaching them about saving and tithing with their money earned. I have not heard anyone talk about teaching kids about money. For me it isn't about what is fair or not fair but a learning tool. Hopefully when they do get a job they will know how to " handle" their money.


I get paid $3.50. I need a raise. My family has plenty of money and we are pretty rich and i want a raise!! I don't make my parents buy me much. I want to get paid at least $5.
—Guest zach


I am a 14 year old girl. I have a list of chores that I have to do, and I do them everyday of the week. If I want to earn extra money, I can take some initiative and ask to do an extra chore. My parents will then pay me what they think is reasonable for the work I did (like $5 for cleaning our entire basement).
—Guest Erin


I am 11 years old. I don't really get pocket money from doing chores even though I sometimes do them without being told. What do you think is the best price for washing up, vacuuming, washing the car, cooking dinner/breakfast? I sometimes get payed 50p per chore which I think is rubbish. I washed the car today and my dad said he will pay me 50p that's not really fair! I should at least get £5! That is cheaper then he pays to get it washed by "professionals."
—Guest Ambah

49 Chores a Week

I am an 11 year old and I get 10 a week for doing 7 chores a day (49 a week ). I'm perfectly happy with this because I love saving money. When I was younger I hated that. My mum had to buy everything for me. I love having the freedom of buying my own clothes, shoes, and everything else I could want. LOL!
—Guest lauren

No Money

I do the dishwasher, clean the garage, clean my room, and clean the house. I don't think you should get paid for chores. But, I get paid about $20.00 for doing extra stuff like cleaning my parent(s) car/ cars and other things like that.
—Guest Heath

I Need Money to Have a Real Life

I'm 15 and I do simple chores only 'cause when ever I do hard chores, like organizing the shed, I'm never rewarded like I'm told. I understand once I move out I have to do this myself with no reward but 4 right now i need money to save so I CAN actually move out Also I would like to go to the mall sometimes with more than $2 in my pocket. There's not much I can do with that in this economy. So parents out there who are reading this, please pay your kids when ever they do something out of the ordinary. At the very least so that they won't give up on it. It will most likely motivate them to do more house work
—Guest porker

Tracking Points

My son always seemed to never appreciate what he had, and yet he always wanted more. I told him that he needed to contribute to the family by doing chores. So I made a game out of our chore list and created a website where he could log on and log his points. He gets roughly 10 points per chore, and 20 points for things I want to encourage as good habits. The cool thing is that all the chores are listed for the entire family. I can delegate chores to one child or another, modify the chores, the point values, and even the frequency (mow lawn, wash car, etc). The best story I have was when my son and I were tied for an all time high score. He wanted to beat me so badly. The only thing left to do was bring in the garbage can. So he grabbed his coat and a flashlight, ran down our 150 ft drive and dragged the garbage can, that was as big as he was, back up in the chill and rain. He was so proud to be beating dad when he checked off that item. Everyone wins!
—Guest TechDad

Paying children

My daughter is lazy around the house but she likes money. I sell music CDs and she wants to help. Then she also wants a profit from the earnings that are like half. I end up talking her down to just a portion of the earnings because a 7 year old with 50 dollars a day is too much. The rest I put in savings and let her see her money grow.
—Guest Shimoina

Chores Allow

I am a mum with 2 children (13 and 18). When the children were in primary school I had a chore chart. I divided $1 per year of age, per week by how many chores they had to get cents per chore. I paid according to what they ticked as 'done per week'. Now in high school I pay a fixed allowance of $1 per year of age, per week, and they do chores every Saturday as required. I make a list of what needs to be done and everyone pitches in, making sure they get hard and easy ones. I have always had 'living' chores also. These are chores like dishes, beds, pets etc that need to be done as being part of a family, because we 'all' live in this house together and need to keep it clean. When my daughter turned 18 and got a part time job, she still had chores, but I do not pay her an allowance any more. Part of being grown up... I buy some major things for her, but she mostly buys everything for herself.
—Guest Simone

How Much Should I Get?

I wash the floor, do the dishes, clean the bathroom, and clean the living room. I only get monthly $32. How much should I get?
—Guest jaala

My Allowance

I receive $15 a week and I have to do the dishes every night. I am responsible for my own laundry. I must do everything related to the bins and rubbish. And I must take care of the cat as it is mine. I also am responsible for my bedroom, BUT I get a $1 fine or deduction every time I do not complete a chore. Like not doing the fishes one night, not emptying the cats litter tray within a day of it being filled, not emptying the bins within half a day of it being filled, or having a dirty room. Furthermore I am responsible for presents for friends, my own clothes, electronic devices, school stationary, seeing movies with friends and basically anything I want for myself. Do you find this fair? I would really like to hear your opinion.
—Guest Rachael

Kids paid for chores? Hum....

Our kids are 19, 15, 11, 2, and 4 months. We used to give a small allowance only to find that they would do a sloppy job and still expect an allowance. We don't give allowance, but a little money for extra things like yard work, cleaning the garage, babysitting & etc. We have explained to our kids that as a family, we all work hard to get things done, and we should not have to pay them to help out. We let our kids know that we actually pay quite a bit each month for them for things such as food, electricity, clothes, cell phones, car insurance, movies, eating out, doctor bills, gas to run them to various places & etc. Our kids are aware of how much my husband and I earn and have a basic idea of our budget; which is tight. I never want my kids to feel entitled to be compensated for helping the family! Entitlement is a BIG problem today! Allowance just teaches kids "I am entitled to be paid for every little thing I do, even if it's picking up my own underwear off the floor".
—Guest Rojojojo

Man I missed out.

I once got twenty buck a week for feeding my dog every day, when I was like 6. But my mom stopped giving it to me and now I need it.
—Guest Jackson

Not getting paid.

I'm 9 years old and I don't get paid! I do most of my chores and still don't get paid. My brothers get $20 every weekend to go to the mall or the movies! UNFAIR!
—Guest ashleigh

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